Alla Humburg

I have finally found happiness!

Dear Pastor,

My name is Alla, a woman born in 1951. All my life I have been wondering; ‘happiness, where are you?’ Besides I have also been asking myself; ‘what is happiness in the first place?’ Like many others I used to think happiness is obtained by getting good education, an interesting job, getting married, having children, and…

All I dreamt of having while growing up, surely came to pass; got excellent education with two higher degrees, I made a brilliant career. at 25 years I got married to a wonderful man whom I loved very much, followed by the arrival of a wonderful daughter – the most desired and beloved….I can say that I was pleased with myself and proud that I achieved all by myself.

When I was 31 years old, my husband passed away living me with my little girl, in such a huge city, Moscow, without help. All in all I found the strength to live.

Initially life was just like ‘floating on a stream’ but with time I learned again to find pleasure in life.

Living in Moscow, a beautiful city, being young, full of energy, having a great job and a wonderful daughter, I knew I had bright life is ahead and many of my friends considered me a happy woman, even envied me.

In 1988 I came to Germany to visit myfriends and there I met my second husband together with new family, home, car, money… I considered myself a lucky andhappy woman!

But few years later, the marriage fell apart as we could not get along. Time went and I married again for the third time.

I considered the third marriage successful.

As time went on, my daughter graduated from college and moved to another city, where she found a job.

On the other hand, my husband had to look for work in another city (200 km away) as his company went bankrupt. This meant that I rarely saw him and that was only weekends. This continued for 5 years; our house became empty. One joyless day gave way to another, there were times I just locked myself in our flat, not wanting to see anyone. Sometimes I wondered as to what was the purpose for my living, because once upon a time I lived for my daughter, for my husbands … but now where are they? It seemed to me that I was abandoned. As a result I developed cancer which had advanced to a higher stage but thank God I had treatment and it was tackled quickly through an operation.

My friends advised me to find a job, but where? My two degrees lied in the family archives. My inability to communicate in German with age catching up with me, I found myself ‘sinking’ into depression and once again I started asking myself, “Happiness, where are you?”.

All in all I made my mind not to give up and told myself that if I cannot find happiness in the family, then I’ll find it in money because I thought money could buy it. I later found an excellent job which provided me with an opportunity to study at the same time…I loved it. We were taught how to get rich in a short time, so I set a goal of earning my first million by the end of 2011 and thereafter become happiest woman in the whole world; where everyone else will be clinging on me… and I can assure you, I got that million.

Things were going on well and financially I was stable but inside I was still unhappy and I continued like that until 07th July 2007 when for the first time I went to church.God filled my life and brought in the missing piece of the puzzle I have been searching for years… HAPPINESS!

I want to thank God and Pastor Sunday for his books which made me to realize that happiness cannot be obtained in this world, happiness of a woman is hidden inside a woman! In order to obtain happiness you ought to look inside yourself, that simple. God has placed happiness inside each one of us and it cannot be taken, stolen or destroyed by anyone except we ourselves or we allow other people to dictate our lives

I am grateful to God for allowing me to meet a remarkable woman, Pastor Natalie Potopaeva. If it was not for you, Pastor Sunday, our dear Pastor Natasha Potopaeva would not have come to Germany and probably I would have never had the encounter with I just had with God. Your books and teachings have helped me to realize the unique potentials within me.

Today, I am not just managing my own life, but in a position to help other women find peace of mind and discover their real potentials to become real women. I am currently head of a women movement. Along with other women, we have organized and registered a group “Keys to women happiness” under KISS in Kassel City.

I am a witness of the changes taking place in the lives of my fellow women and this gives me joy – making other people happy!

“who overcomes shall inherit all …” (Revelation 21:7)

Pastor I want to thank you because my life is now meaningful; I am no longer an observer in this life but a maker of happiness! DANKE!

With love,  
Alla Humburg

Translated by Helene Krets
Edited by June Clare Bugenyi

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