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The Prison ministry of the “Embassy of God Church” in Vishnevy

At this year’s celebration of the Constitution Day in Ukraine, chess – checker and tennis tournaments were organized by the Prison ministry of the “Embassy of God Church ” in Vishnevy, headed by Natalia Zaitseva Feodorovna in Bucha Prison № 85 was.

The chaplains were warmly received and cooperation was satisfactorily. God showed His glory.

The prisoners were divided into teams and if at the beginning the prisoners were a little bit reluctant to play, at the end there were not enough tables for those who were willing to play.  Simultaneously, as the tournaments were going on, a brother from the Embassy of God Church in Irpen sang some songs, thereby encouraging the contesters.

Ministers from various denominations and churches were also present. There were a lot of testimonies, some inmates repented and the chaplains prayed for their healing.

Former criminals fervently wanted to know the Lord Jesus Christ and change their lives.

Similar events are planned for other prisons in Ukraine because God can touch the prisoners and their families through this, and the kingdom of God will continue to penetrate to all spheres of our society.

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