Pastor Abosede Adelaja
Central Church

It is lovely to be a woman! (Part 2)

Pastor’s Word.

This being our first meeting this year, I want to talk specifically on the subject of women. You probably all know, there was a time when a woman had no legal rights; she was just a property of her husband. During the New Testament times, a woman did not even have access to education, she was infringed of some rights. Today, we get to be educated, God has entrusted us with the gospel, and today we are free to be what God sees us to be. Each of us has a mission on this earth; we all have the opportunity to carry out God’s will. I believe in every woman! Let’s help each daughter of Abraham to get up, to be successful, to experience her uniqueness, to fulfill her vocation, to work hand in hand with men, to maximum her potentials and results.


Traditionally women have been relegated the role of housekeepers and child rearers. Today, nobody has released us from these duties, but God has expanded our capabilities.

The home still remains our first priority. We live there, regardless of if you have a husband or not. Wherever a woman is, there should be cleanliness and order. Look at the place of your residence, would it be pleasant for Jesus to be in your house? Today women are very busy in different ministries, but that does not mean that they should allow a careless attitude toward other things in their lives. On the contrary, your home should be cozy, clean and tidy. Each item must have its place. Learn to maintain order – for us this is wisdom. Women at all times and everywhere should be the benchmark of cleanliness and order. “It’s clean, not where people clean, but where they do not litter,” teaches a proverb. Our ministry starts in the house, in our homes. We must all live according to certain rules. Our care helps our children husbands and relatives look neat, and live in an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, beauty, goodness and order.

The second issue that I want to draw your attention to is the ministry of helps. We all know that we have some ministries in the church that require special time, effort and dedication. For example, the ushers, praise and worship team, the children’s ministry etc. How can we support them and show that we care? Maybe someone can take the responsibility for ensuring that these ministers get a treat of homemade food from time to time? Maybe once or twice a month, we can get homemade cakes or pancakes prepared and brought to the ministries.

It would also be good to do something similar for our children and children’s ministers, by preparing quality homemade food for them, so that  they don’t always eat dry rations.

Many women gladly responded to this Pastor Bose’s innovative proposal. Everyone who signed up to participate in this new service of assistance, support and care, was asked to come under the supervision of the leaders of the ministry.

God bless you till we meet again!

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