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Solitude with God: preparation, principles and results

Solitude with God is a vital part of every Christian’s life. Spending one on one time with God at least once a month is very important, because God reveals great things to you.

I want to express my special gratitude to Pastor Sunday for teaching us how to show God’s priority in our lives in application by practicing solitude with Him. Obedience plays a very important role in our relationship with God. Unfortunately, we often choose to ignore significance of obedience.

During solitude with God, He revealed to me its importance, principles and fruit. These truths will help anyone, who seeks God’s face.

Be prepared to meet with God.

Use the following steps to prepare yourself for Solitude with God.

1. Dream about meeting God

Imagine your conversations with God, how He will teach you and pour His love in you. You will find peace you need only from God.

2. Prepare a list of questions to ask God in advance

Think about what you want to ask God.

3. Plan your solitude time

Set your mind on what you need to do and put away any distractions. Seeing your eagerness, God will grant you much more than you would expect. He himself will guide you.

4. Listen to God’s voice before the solitude

Follow the voice of God and it will lead you to what “equipment” to take such as books, sermons. This “equipment” will become a source of revelations and effective ideas. Being well-equipped will maximize your results.

5. Pray for your solitude time for a month

Your time with God will be fruitful.

6. Preparing to be in God’s presence

Listen to a sermon or read a book to organize your thoughts and focus. The Holy Spirit will be working within you.

Solitude with God – is a calling to us all, that we need to hear and respond to.

You will experience God and His love in greater abundance by spending one on one time with Him. Your thoughts will be transformed; your development will be maximized. You will be eager to live a new life. God’s word will revive you and open new horizons in front of you.

Life is too short to take a gamble, we should seek to know God’s plans and strategies for our lives.

Spending time with God will set your heart on fire and make you want to be obedient to God. Your life will never be the same.

We are proud to know a famous person and receive his personal greeting. Solitude with God will make us famous in the society, for God will reveal Himself through us, will put His words into our mouth. God is seeking the worshipers, who will exalt him in spirit and truth.

Looking for solitude with God

Solitude with God – is a possibility to be successful and concentrated, receive revelations, strength and anointing from God, to realize who we are.

Solitude with God – is a possibility to a spiritual revelation, instead of walking in circles.

Solitude with God – is a possibility to comprehend the depth of God’s mysteries.

Solitude with God provides us with God’s grace, truth and justice. It transforms us into the bride of God’s grace.

Solitude with God is a possibility to see what God is doing and learn from it. (John 5:19)

Solitude with God – is a commitment with God. Through the Holy Spirit He will plant a seed in us that we need to grow and “give birth to”. The fruit of the solitude with God will draw people closer to God. (Mathew 1:18-21)

Solitude with God is the time to test ourselves according to Heavenly standards.

Solitude with God is – the time when we focus on God and eternity, laying aside gossiping and arguing.

Solitude with God provides restoration while going through the valley of death, trials and pressure.

I believe that these priceless truths will set many hearts on fire and draw closer to God and lead them to Heaven.

God bless!

Pastor Larisa Novak
Pastor of the Central Church,
President of the Ukrainian Public Organization “Born to be a woman”.

Translated by Iryna Panasyuk

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