Pastor Abosede Adelaja
Central Church

Bose Adelaja approaching 40

Approaching 40 has always been something I have looked forward to and prepared for, since I know that a fool at 40 is a fool forever. I understand the importance of time in one’s life. I thank God for the places I’m identified with, the people around me and the understanding I have about life. All this has helped me to continuously improve my life and not to take things for granted.
This is a continuous process. All the pieces, the seasons, and the lines of life matter. I realize that I don’t and can’t have everything in life. However I’ve learned to always be grateful to God and people for what I have. Sometimes, some people probably of lower understanding try to portray what I don’t have as a great disadvantage but I understand that I shouldn’t be crying over spilt milk. On the contrary, I must keep on working hard on what I have; to always improve and maximize. I’m working hard to be grateful ALWAYS for absolutely everything, especially for the nice people that compose and beautify my life.

My life is a gift, a trust, and a great blessing. I’m focused on living the best life possible and I look forward to the future with great hope and determination. Into the Lord’s hand I commit my life again, allowing Him to lead and guide me.

I’m grateful to God that I have more understanding today than I had last year. I’m thankful that every year fills my life with deeper understanding. The experiences of the years are a great asset to me. I’m dedicated to living the best life possible. I’m committed to be a blessing to all I can be a blessing to.

As I celebrate my 39th birthday, the last year of my 30s, I give thanks to the Almighty who has given me the grace to live to this age and I’m committed to continue to pour out my life to my generation.

The only reason you and I live is to serve, hence celebrating one’s birthday is celebrating one’s ministry, one’s service to the world. I thank God for eternal life, that I won’t be overcome by death but that I’ll receive a new body and live with him, in his presence, worshipping and fellowshipping with him forever and ever and ever.

I thank God for my parents and all my relatives who went through a lot and invested a lot in me to become who I am today. We are made by many hands and efforts. I thank God for my teachers, anyone that has ever taught me both in school (kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary education), in church and in all the different areas of training I’ve received. I thank God for all my friends, from childhood up to now, you all left something in me, which I carry till this day.

I thank God for my unique husband. Being married to Pastor Sunday is a unique favor and trust from God. May God continue to grant us more good and full days together! I thank God for my children, especially the teenagers Perez and Zoe. God is using all my kids to shape and test me. Thank you for coping with me. Thank you for accepting me and for being respectful. Thank you that as you’re becoming unique individuals, you still remember the law of God to honor your father and mother. Thank you for the respect and the place I occupy in your hearts.

I thank God for the churches and the people I lead. Thank you Central Church for not just surviving the attacks, but for becoming more than conquerors! You are fruitful in a time of famine, for the more you are persecuted, the more you increase, growing in all dimensions. It’s a great honor and God’s perfect timing for me to pastor you at this time. Thank you English Church for keeping me international and young!

Finally, I want to thank my enemies and all those who criticize me openly or behind the scene. You are so strategic to my growth and to shaping my philosophy of life. I need you! I pray for and bless you. By blessing you, I increase God’s blessing upon my life. Thank you that by learning to forgive you I become a better person.

My birthday is a special time to praise and appreciate God, to appreciate my role and place in the big picture of this world, and to appreciate all the good people around me and in my generation.

My life is to be lived to leave a legacy and I’m busy doing that!

Thank you.
Bose Adelaja

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