Pastor Abosede Adelaja
Central Church

We ought to HONOUR!

Usually our Sunday services are a time of celebration, but this Sunday it was more special; it was Pastors Bose and Sunday Adelaja wedding anniversary. They whole church together with the Spiritual Council, the Elders and the Youth ministry congratulated them. There was a special presentation from the Children’s ministry!
Alongside with this, the church also gave Pastor Helen Dzyavulko a special birthday wish.
Pastor Bose ministered the Word of God and shared on “Honour”. Quoting the Bible scripture from Exodus 20:2 which says, “I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage”.
This verse cause us to know that God is our God though we are born by men; God entrusted our parents to bring us to this world.
God has also given us spiritual parents who together with our biological parents have been granted special grace to raise us up, just as Mary the mother of Jesus.
God has entrusted the Embassy of God church to take care of us; you have respected and remained true ‘sons’ to the Pastor despite the attacks this ministry is facing
Pastor Bose highlighted that it is privilege for someone to have parents or guardians who raise, feed and clothe them and that is why we ought to honour them. She went on pointing out that command to honour our parents has a spiritual significance bearing in mind it is a command just after the three which are directly related to God Himself; whether we are well-to-do than our parents, we ought to honour them just as we are keen to observe other God’s commandments.
We as believers should lay an example on how people should honour our own parents, however we are cautioned that we should not make them our gods because the Bible makes us to know that ‘we shall have not other gods’. As we are expected to honour our parents, so are spouses expected to respect each other and not using one another to scare children but rather create an atmosphere where children will learn to respect both parents
Pastor Bose challenged each one of us to examine ourselves on how we relate with our parents. Using the parable of the prodigal son, she highlighted the fact that the father did not focus much on the son’s shortfalls, but restoring his relationship with him. Such might not be the case with us as human beings but a true father will always accept one who chooses to amend his/her ways
To conclude her message, Pastor Bose said, “if you are able to honour your spiritual guardians and other respected men and women in the church, then you will definitely be able to honour your own parents, your leaders at work, your societal leaders including your presidents because you do not know how they came to be in such positions and probably you don’t need to know…My dear brothers and sisters, I pray that God will grant each one of us grace and honour those whom we submit to”
Translated by Helene Stohnii
Edited by June Clare Bugenyi

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