Pastor Abosede Adelaja
Central Church

Special moments

The Embassy of God Church is full of special moments and memories. One of such moments is the yearly celebration of the birthday of our great leader, a man sent from God to us, Pastor Sunday Adelaja.

Pastor Sunday’s birthday is a special time of joy, thanksgiving, reflection and celebration with a deep meaning. It is a great feeling of trust and destiny for me because apart from being a member, leader, trainee, mentoree, and a part of the Embassy of God Church, I am also Pastor Sunday’s wife, companion, friend, sister, and partner.

As his wife, I count it a great honor to congratulate Pastor Sunday on his 44th birthday. I give thanks, praise, glory, honor and adoration to God for adding another year to Pastor Sunday’s years. God is the author of life, our years and days are in His hands, hence to Him belongs all the praise for Pastor Sunday’s fruitful life. I pray that the Great I AM, the Almighty God, the Strength of the Embassy of God Church, will continue to watch over His Word concerning His servant, Pastor Sunday, and that many lives will be restored by the mighty anointing that is upon him.

It’s just a great joy and pleasant experience to celebrate my husband’s (and my pastor’s) birthday. His life is exemplary indeed. He fulfils the commandment of God toward me; the commandment for husbands to love their wives. I am grateful to God for causing me to experience life with a loving husband, who diligently pursues pleasing God through his relationship with me, his wife. Pastor Sunday is the backbone of our relationship. He is a goal achiever, even in the house. He wants our relationship and our home to be such that they glorify God and point to Heaven.

Living with pastor Sunday has framed my life. It has brought the feminine beauty, worth and honor in me to light. I’m secure and confident in his presence. He’s not threatened by my growing influence; he keeps helping and pushing me to indeed become his “better half.”

Words cannot express the deep gratitude I feel toward God and toward pastor Sunday, for having my life connected to him. I wish Pastor Sunday God’s fullness in every area of his life. My wish is that he’ll love God more, grow more in Him and do greater exploits for Him as his days increase. I pray that the power of holiness, the power of Heaven will help him to fulfil his main life’s goals. I pray that his strength will not fail.

Happy Birthday to you, Pastor Sunday! Happy Birthday to you, my handsome, elegant and strong husband! Happy Birthday to you, my husband, you are like an apple tree among the trees of the woods!

Happy Birthday to a beloved husband in whose shade I sit with great delight, and whose fruit is sweet to my taste! Happy Birthday to an exceptional husband, whose banner over me is love, whose love is better than wine!

Happy Birthday to you Pastor Sunday! Happy Birthday to you, a man sent from God! I pray that many waters will not quench our love, nor the floods drown it. May the grace of God abound more and more on you. May God give you more breakthroughs (Perez), God’s abundant life (Zoe), material wealth (Pearl) and all the things needed for life and godliness.

I love you with the love God has given me, I am happy to share my life with you and to live with you under the same roof. I wish you many special moments and memories in life. As long as I have the breath of God, and with His help, I will always love you, and I will be there for you when you need me most.

Many Happy Returns!
Bose Dere-Adelaja

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