Pastor Sunday Adelaja
Central Church

Happy Birthday, Pastor Sunday! (2011)

On 29 May 2011, the service commenced with praise and worship, greetings to all the people celebrating birthdays in the month of May, inviting on the stage different ministers who participated in the community work day and also prayers for the needs of everyone present took place.The mass congregation welcomed the presenters who conducted a festive service, dedicated to the birthday of Senior Pastor of the Embassy of God “Sunday Adelaja”.

The program started with a little quiz on the topic “What I know about Pastor Sunday?” The fastest and most agile participants were rewarded with prizes,especially those who gave the correct answers to the questions about: where Pastor Sunday was born? How did Pastor repent? What kind of sports did Pastor engage in? Which Pastor is responsible for education? How was God Embassy church started?

After the quiz a numberof congratulation messages where spoken out by:

  • Evangelistic ministry of the central church “SWAT”team, which today numbers 36 people and 70 people have already repented in its arsenal;
  • Yaroslav Kmitka saxophonist, who performed a song “Comfort during the storm”;
  • Men’s club whose members have already taken part in the chess tournament, dedicated to the Victory Day, as well as a 5-kilometer race, scheduled forthe Day of Kyiv;
  • The art-creativity collective, with the song“Let my people go”;
  • The spiritual council of the central church;
  • The right bank of the church;
  • “Grain of love”Chorus;
  • Creative Association “Smile, joy, happiness”, presented to pastor their poem, and collections of poetry;
  • Mission Center under the careof Bishop Anatoly Belonozhko and his wife, Pastor Nadezhda.

“If it were not of our pastor, where would we be today? I wish that we all be thankful for a pastor, for such a church that brings us close to God, equips us with deep knowledge and effective tools for spreading the kingdom of God “

After his greeting, the Bishop asked the congregation to raise their voices in prayer for Pastor Sunday and Pastor Bose.

After the special congratulations from Pastor Bose,the hero himself came on stage.After receiving a lot of gifts he also decided to present his gift ofa short word as a treat to all who where present:

“The older I get, the more I m aware that we are created in order to adequately represent God on earth, to bring salvation to as many people as possible and save humanity from hell. Everything else is secondary.

Today, the world and our environment are uses everything possible to divert us from this goal, to confuse us with temporary enjoyment and to lead many astray. So we all need to stay sober, focused on God and receive the current and constant pleasure and satisfaction from a loving relationship with Him.

Fulfilling the Great Commission on earth is not just enough to have a God within oneself. You need to work with maximum effort for him to glorify his name. And only in this case, God will be glorified by Himself, but will glorify us also.

My life is a confirmation of this truth. Would you have know me today, if, God had not held its “information campaign” regarding me 17 years ago? What could inspire him on to make me famous today? My fanatic efficiency and efforts used on the distribution of His kingdom on earth.

Let us become not just co-workers in the field of God, but the real hard workers!

With such a wish was the conclusion of of the celebration service at the central.

Be blessed!

Report from the service May 29, 2011
Central Church, Kiev
Press center of the Embassy of Godchurch

Translated by Anna Krets

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