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Miroslava Pshichenko:” Pastor Sunday’s family made a huge impact in my life and I sincerely appreciate it!”

My baby girl is joyfully laughing with her daddy, my lovely husband. My heart is full of delight and warmth from realizing how the Lord blessed me with my wonderful life in Dallas, TX in USA. Ten years ago I would never have imagined this as well as a ministry and the opportunity of meeting Pastor Sunday Adelaja.

In 2002, I moved from a small city in Eastern Ukraine where you could pretty much bump into someone you knew every day, to the busy capital of Ukraine where at that time, approximately 6 million people lived. As for me, a 16-year old girl, it was hard to adjust to such city standards. Everything seemed to spin around me and I thought I would never fit in with the metropolitan life.

I came to work with the “Ezra Charity Fund” that was and is helping Jews to return to Israel. Besides my work I really needed the Christian care, I needed the support provided by the church. There are hundreds of churches in Kiev and it took me one year to visit most of them and to conclude that I couldn’t find what my heart was looking for. I had heard about the “Embassy of God” Church but was afraid that it simply was too big and that I would never be able to find friends there let alone the opportunity talk to the pastor. But I was so wrong! When I went there for the first time, I was amazed at how you could just sense God’s presence in such a big church as well as receive teachings and answers to your questions from God through the pastor.  Later I met with the Evangelical group and I started to minister in different places in Kiev Metropolis. Pastor Sunday Adelaja was personally encouraging and thanking us for ministering. Pastor has a unique memory, he remembers every person who he meets and even remembers their ministry. I think this only goes to show how big his heart is and how everyone is valuable in the “Embassy of God” Church!

A few years later, I went to study in Dallas, TX.  Pastor Sunday preached in different churches in Dallas during the first two years of my studies there and every time he was passing through, he always cared to ask me how I was doing as if I was a member of his family. It was because of him that I was sent to minister in a church in New York City after the completion of my studies and it was there I met my future husband.

I have to say that it was because of Pastor Sunday that I had a lot of divine appointments! He entrusted me and one more sister in Christ, the responsibility to distribute his books around USA.  At the end of this project we went back to Ukraine to serve in his office in the “Embassy of God” church in Kiev. To work with Pastor Sunday is a big privilege and a blessing.

My ministry was also a very one – the pastor’s trip coordinator. During that time, I saw just how hardworking pastor Sunday was! I have never met people and Pastors like him and I have traveled to different cities, churches and countries. God gave Pastor Sunday the wisdom and talent to teach people how to use their abilities and resources and I really appreciate the fact that Pastor doesn’t keep everything to himself. Instead he shares it with the church. And for people who work closely with him, it’s just impossible NOT to learn from him! Pastor Sunday invests himself in others to the fullest.

In addition, I also had the privilege of being his wife’s trip coordinator as well. She is a real woman of God who has wisdom, patience and is hard working just like her husband.  I can’t even imagine how she could minister in church and still have time to be a wonderful wife and mother! I remember also that when our church was being persecuted by the Ukrainian government, pastor Bose remained strong and was never downhearted. She was an outstanding example for us all.

Lastly, I have to say that I truly appreciate the time I spent working with as well as the personal fellowship that I had with Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s family! It was such a precious moment of my life and it is so painful to hear dirty accusations leveled against Pastor Sunday by brainwashed individuals who don’t even know him personally.

Translated by Miroslava & Peter Pshichenko
Edited by Omolara Ige

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