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Be wise in sexual relations

On Thursday, continuing the service after the praise, worship and testimonies to God’s glory, Pastor Bose said: “You know, today I was in the court. There are prosecutors who say Pastor Sunday has created a criminal organization, and uses certain phrases as a cover such as “bring the tithe and money to build the Spiritual Center building”. I thought, ‘God, how can it be explained  to them! God, help my husband! it is You Who commanded to give tithe and gave the revelation about the building. Help Your son! “. She further explained that the devil did it all to make us give up. It is important to know that the devil does nothing without a plan, so we must be strong and powerful not to give him any place in our lives.
On the same day Pastor Bose continued the topic of sexual relationships: the essence of sex and its purpose in life. Beginning to preach pastor Bose said: “If someone had told me about it when I was a teenager, I would have been very grateful!”.
Sex is knowledge. It is designed not only for pleasure but for knowledge.

Sex outside marriage is like an abuse in the face of God, it is a great evil. But in a marriage sex is beautiful, bright and blessed. Sex in a marriage relationship and sex based on God’s purpose for it is a delight. Outside of marriage it is abuse.
Pastor Bose pointed to the paradox, which often occurs in matters of sexual relations within marriages.  Married people who can have sex, do not appreciate the privilege enough or do not use it, or have it rarely and poorly, as they have a lot of “excuses” for it. Unmarried persons , to whom it is prohibited, desire it, and many of them overstep the laws of God and are engaged in extramarital sex.

Pastor Bose addressed everyone: “I came here today on behalf of God to tell you that you have to stop looking at sex as a burden, and begin to look at it as a gift from God.” It is impossible to take sex as a duty.
Sex is a clean conception, not dirty. When a person repents and begins to keep himself in holiness, it is all for just one reason!
  The goals of sex in marriage:
– to enrich the relationship;
– to have pleasure;
– to protect from sexual immorality;
– to give birth to children.
“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Gen. 2:24).
For married couples it is important that each of the spouses would work on the relationship and seek to understand the other. Unity is not necessarily having the same opinion, but it is when the couple discusses and makes a decision together, and then maintains the opinion or decision in unity.
One flesh is a deep intimacy in a relationship, not only physically, but spiritually, when in the spirit world they become one flesh. They become one in all areas; There trials, their finances and even their time is shared. 
Then pastor Bose drew attention to the importance of understanding differences between men and women in sexual relationships.
1. Men perceive sex as a physical process, but for women it is something more: it is her very life, something spiritual. That is why it is important for men to know about it, so as not to hurt women. Similarly, women should not be too faultfinding, they should not try to change someone.
2. For men, sex is something partial, part of the normal daily relationship, but for a woman it is  integrated into every aspect of her life.
3. For men, arousal comes throughthe visual perception and odor of the female body.Women are aroused just by the personality: not the man’s body or appearance, but that she loves him. Also by touching him.
In sexual reactions menare not cyclical, they are quickly aroused and not easily distracted.
Women on the contrary are cyclical, slow aroused, easily distracted.
An orgasmis full satisfaction, the peak of sexual happiness. For men, this process is shorter but more intense. For women, this process is longer and deeper.
Sexual needs of men: A man needs respect, compliments of his sexuality, a woman’s desire to be with him and to be physically demanded.

Sexual needs of women: women need respect, intimacy in the relationship and to be emotionally demanded.
In conclusion, pastor Bose listed sex education institutions:

1.Educational institution.
2. Peers school.
3. Parents school (home school)
4. Private school (to read about it by yourself or ask some people about it apart from parents)
5.Christian school.
1. List three goals of sex.
2. What is the difference in sexuality between men and women?
3. Knowing the differences, how should you treat the opposite sex?
4. What kind of sex education institutions exist?
5. List advantages and disadvantages of each school
Dear friends, dear brothers and sisters, let us be wise and pure, and let us praise God also in our sexual relationship!
Let God bless you!
From the service of the “Embassy of God” Central Church
February 9, 2012, Kiev
Press center of the “Embassy of God” Church

Translated by Helene Krets
Edited by Kizito Leacock

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