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The rewarding God

The month of June in the “Embassy of God” church is dedicated to the values ​​of work, creativity, and self-education. Today, we would like to emphasize the fact that God is a rewarding God.

“…because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him” (Hebrews 11: 6.).

God is a rewarding God

This principle should learned by everyone who comes to God. This principle is applicable not only to praying to God, but also to everything. The fact that our God rewards those who earnestly seek Him, must be understood and rooted into each new convert to Christianity.

Some people may object and say that this is teaching people to do something to get something in return. Perhaps, but is that not the set-up of the world? How many of you exhale air, hoping not to breath air back in? We exhale air, knowing that we will breathe air in again, and we do this automatically, without even thinking about it. How many of us go to the toilet with plans to never to eat again, never to free your bowels again? No one, I think. On the contrary, we sometimes free the bowels to create more space in order to eat very well. How many of you go to work just to work and never expect anything in return? Perhaps, you so madly fell in love with your employer during the job interview that you decided to work for him free of charge for life? Of course not! We all expect something in return. That is how life is programmed, and that is how we are programmed, too.

God created the earth and laid down the principle of give and take, because He Himself is like that. He is a rewarding God and we are His image and likeness. That is, we are made not only to look like Him, but also to function like Him. Therefore, everyone who comes to God, becomes a member of God’s family, a part of the Body of Jesus Christ, a citizen of Heaven, a representative, an ambassador of God on earth. A Christian must know and understand that God is a rewarding God.

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain ” (1 Cor. 15:58).

We should expect rewards from God, not from man

This must be one of the main reasons why we work, why we engage in self-education, and discipline ourselves while on the earth. The fact that God rewards your work   is one of the conditions of your contract with God, it’s part of God’s side of the promise. And this contract (covenant) is sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Any self-respecting worker should know the terms of his employment contract. In the same way, any self-respecting Christian should know the conditions under which he labors in God’s Kingdom. Some Christians say that they do not need anything from God, and that they serve purely out of love and gratitude to God. True, we should all work for God on the basis of love, for faith works through love, and also because of our gratitude to Him. But this is but a part of our service.

God Himself wrote in His covenant to us that we should expect rewards from Him. Since He said so, we should expect rewards from Him. Whether we like it or not, we were made to wait for and receive rewards from God. Violating this principle, we automatically, without even realizing it, begin to expect from man what we should expect from God. Then we are disappointed, because people often do not live up to what we expect from them. True, they cannot give us everything, because they are only human, they are limited in their capabilities. Only God can give us everything we need.

Why is it important to know that God is rewarding?

Because we get what we expect. Everything in God is by faith, so you need to know, understand, claim and expect what God promises.

Many people leave the church because they get negative thoughts that the church does not reward. They think: “I go to church, keep myself as a believer, and serve God, but my debts have not reduced and have even increased. I’m lonely, I’m being attacked more frequently, and my unsaved friends are doing better than me. How can this be, why am I still going to church and serving God? Why do I need to discipline myself so much, when others live as they wish, and they are fine without prayer, fasting, and church attendance? “

Many believers ask these questions, and some have already backslide from God because they could not stand the pressure. The reason for this is that they have forgotten about their most important instrument of protection – the truth of God’s Word, a revelation from God. If they had asked Him, He would have given them His explanation of the situation, and everything would have fallen back into place. He would tell them: “I am the Rewarding God, and I shall not be anyone’s debtor. However, everyone has to stand strong for a certain period for a reward. “God usually does not reward us before due time, in order to cultivate patience in us, because through patience, we save our souls.

Jesus’ disciples also had this problem

We are not the first people, and we will not be the last. One day the disciples said to Jesus: “We have walked with you for so long, we labored, and left everything for Your sake. However, nothing much has changed in our lives.” I think they expected improvement in their lives in material terms, where they could sleep in good houses, have enough food to eat, etc. Surprisingly, Jesus was not angry with them and did not say that they are terrible egoists. On the contrary, He reminded them that God is a rewarding God, and said that they will receive a hundred times more in heaven for all that they left for the sake of following God (Matt. 19:29).

God is a rewarding God, even if the dividends are not yet visible. He is not a liar.

You and I just need to make sure that we are living for Him, that our self-education, labor, and ministry are for Him, that our fasting is not only to lose weight, but also to become more effective for Him. If that is so, then in due time you will reap; God will reward you according to His word.

Sometimes you need to be able to simply receive, because since you decided to become a child of God, there are things that God has already given at your disposal: peace, joy, healing, the Holy Spirit, forgiveness, etc. Remember the brother of the prodigal son, who was angry at the Father for giving so much to his prodigal son. But the father said to him, “Everything is yours, and you could take it at any time.” No need to wait in expectancy that God will give you money, because He said that He gives the power to acquire wealth. We need to receive this power by faith and just go to acquire our wealth. The truth is applicable to other blessings.

God’s reward does not end on earth

We get it both on earth and in eternity. Just make sure that you do everything for the Lord. Check your heart: are you expecting gratitude and favor from people instead of working for God? Serve God, and in due time, rewards will come to you. God has His times and seasons, and He does not miss his deadlines, as we sometimes think. He is always on time. Work hard, for God has a reward, there is a reward for your work.

“This is what the Lord says: “Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work will be rewarded,” declares the Lord.” (Jeremiah 31:16.). God Himself will decide what your reward will be, but it will be better than you expect, for our God is generous.

Whatever you do, working for someone else, or doing your own business, laboring on God’s field, building a family or the state – expect a reward in all things from God. Do not just expect a salary for your work, a profit for your efforts in business or gratitude from people, expect your rewards from God. This is the only thing that can fully satisfy a man. I am convinced that the Lord wants to and will reward you, not just on a weekly or monthly basis, like in the world, but every day for your work (Matthew 20: 8). Just believe Him and labor with the expectation of a reward from Him.

With love and respect,
Pastor Tope Omotoye

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