why Jesus had to suffer and die
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50 reasons why Jesus had to suffer and die!

  1. Take God’s anger upon Himself.

  2. Please the Heavenly Father.

  3. Being obedient to perfect.

  4. Resurrect from the dead.

  5. Reveal abundance of God’s love and grace to the sinners.

  6. Show us His love.

  7. Take from us charges of the law.

  8. Give His soul for redemption of many.

  9. Forgive our sins.

  10. Justify us.

  11. By His obedience to make us righteous.

  12. Abolish the death sentence.

  13. Abolish circumcision and other rituals that were compulsory conditions for our salvation.

  14. Bring us to faith and help us to stay faithful to God.

  15. Make us righteous, pure and perfect.

  16. Grant us pure conscience.

  17. Grant us everything that works for good for us.

  18. Heal us from spiritual and physical illnesses.

  19. Grant all who believe in Him eternal life.

  20. Save us from pernicious influence of this century.

  21. Reconcile us with God.

  22. Bring us to God.

  23. Make us belong to God.

  24. For we would be able to enter into the Holy of Holies.

  25. That we could encounter the Heavenly Father in Him.

  26. Fulfill the ministry of the Old Testament priesthood and become Eternal High priests.

  27. As a Priest who is compassionate and helps people.

  28. Redeem us from vanity of life given to us from our fathers.

  29. Set us free from the slavery of sin.

  30. For we would die from sin and live for righteousness.

  31. Die to the law starting to bear fruit for God.

  32. For we would live for Christ, not for ourselves.

  33. For us to boast by the Cross of Jesus Christ.

  34. For us to live by faith in Him.

  35. Show people a true meaning of marriage.

  36. Put the biggest desire to do good in people’s hearts.

  37. For us to follow the example of His humbleness being ready to pay any price for the sake of love towards your neighbour.

  38. Obtain loyal followers who will be ready to bear their cross till the end.

  39. Set us free from the fear of death.

  40. For we would come to Him after death.

  41. For we would be able to raise from the dead.

  42. Disarm spiritual authorities.

  43. For God’s power would pour out in the preaching of the Gospel.

  44. Destroy racial hostility.

  45. Bring redemption to all the nations, tribes and tongues.

  46. Gather all His sheep whatever country they live.

  47. Set us free from eternal judgment.

  48. Experience joy and give us it.

  49. Get the crown of glory and honour.

  50. To demonstrate us that God is able to turn even terrible events in our life into good.

Translated by Valeria Granova
Edited by Emmanuel Chindove

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