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What are Soluble Fibre Supplements Used For?

Fiber is very important in our body. One way of acquiring fiber is through the food that we eat; however, it is not all the time that fiber can be found in our diet. Because of this, soluble fiber supplements are being used in order to compensate for the lack of fiber content in our daily meals. But what are soluble fiber supplements and what are soluble fiber supplements used for?

What are Soluble Fiber Supplements

Soluble Fiber Supplements can be made from any type of soluble fibers or it can also be a combination of the different fibers. Nevertheless, one of the most common types of fiber used as supplement is the psyllum. Psyllum is a type of natural plant fiber that is used for its effectiveness against certain diseases andconditions like the IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome) as well as other types of bowel problems. Some of the other fibers or ingredients used in creating fiber supplements are methylcellulose, acacia fiber and guar gum.

What is the Difference between Soluble and Insoluble Fiber Supplements?

The difference between the two types of supplements is that all the fibers used in the soluble fiber supplements are water soluble. This means that as the fiber enters the system, it allows water absorption to occur in order to change their form into gel-like substances that can allow better movement of the food down through the digestive tract. Nowadays, soluble fiber supplements are already available in different variety of induction methods. Some are made in powder form that can be mixed with plain water or juice while others are in tablet forms that supply the fiber once ingested by the body. There are also powdered fiber supplements that can be sprinkled or mixed with food without causing any change in the flavor of food. No matter what type of supplement is used, all of these are capable of adding the required soluble fiber in the nutritional makeup of the body.

Importance of Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber must be considered a very essential component in our diet. Without the proper and adequate consumption of fiber, our body, particularly the digestive system, can experience problems in bowel movement and can also have complications in the digestive system such as the IBS. With the increase in roughage or fiber in the diet, these things can be prevented. Where can we locate soluble fiber in foods? Soluble fiber is actually present in a lot of organic food products. Some of the foods that contain high amounts of soluble fiber include fruits, vegetables, seeds, oat bran, nuts and other dietary sources. Once we lack these types of food sources, then the use of the soluble fiber supplements can come into handy. All adults, adolescents and older children are required to have at least 30 to 35 grams of fiber intake per day. However, this measurement does not specify how much is for insoluble fiber and how much is for soluble.

Other Uses of Soluble Fiber in the Body

Soluble fiber is actually considered a bulk-forming laxative. This prevents the occurrence of constipation since it helps loosen the stool in the colon. Aside from its laxative effects, soluble fiber is also efficient in slowing down the rate of carbohydrate digestion in the body. This prevents a sudden increase in the blood glucose level particularly in diabetics. In addition to these, the use of soluble fiber also interferes with the intestines in absorbing cholesterol. This is the reason why doctors would also recommend the use of soluble fiber supplements for patients with high cholesterol levels. This component can likewise relieve the symptoms brought about by inflammatory bowel disease.

Things to Consider in Taking Soluble Fiber Supplements

In taking soluble fiber supplements, there are also things that we must do in order to increase its effects in the body. One of these is to increase the intake of water in order to enhance the uses of the supplement. Once water is present, the supplement will swell which can allow better effects in the GIT. Once water is lacking, these fibers could still end up stuck in the digestive tract as bulk. Aside from these, the use of soluble fiber supplements can also alter or interfere with the effects as well as the absorption of other drugs and/or medications. This is the reason why seeking the advice of our doctors is highly recommended before taking in such fiber supplements in our diet.

These are just some of the important facts and details that we need to know about when it comes to using the soluble fiber supplements. Now we are already aware of its numerous benefits in the body as well as the considerations and precautions in taking them. So in order to prevent some of the problems that can be experienced by our digestive system in relation to bowel movement and elimination, it is important or necessary for us to increase our fiber consumption.

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