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Pastor and public figure Roman Trokhin gets a second award from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Roman Trokhin’s life is focused against corruption, drug addiction, alcoholism and many others. They affect virtually every citizen of our country.

The activity of Roman Trokhin is a vivid example of how a man’s deeds and actions tell about him. Roman Trokhin never rests on his laurels. He keeps moving forward. The compassionate heart of this man reaches out to anyone who needs help; his whole life is dedicated to helping people. It may seem strange that a man does not live for himself only; so the question arises: “Why does he do it?” However, the meaning of this fine man’s life, a patriot and defender of the fatherland – Roman Trokhina, is in selfless service to other people.

An interview with Pastor Roman Trokhin

Q: Ukraine’s population is 46 million people. However not all the people who do not hold public position, can get a state award. How did it happen that you got the second award from the Government over the past few years?

A: What is state award? It is recognition by the government of the increasing importance of the contribution of ordinary citizens for all the country. The medal for “Assistance in drug addiction criminality opposition” I have received in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Department of Illegal Drug Rotation Opposition means the activities of our movement, our assistance to the country and the society as a whole has received recognition at the level of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of our country.

Q: What motivated you initially to do what you do?

A: First of all, I am a follower of my teachers. The fact I received this state award is because certain people educated me, showed me the right values, principles and priorities, which I now live by.

The first person who transformed my life is Pastor Sunday Adelaja. He came to us, in Ukraine, to help us stop living the life we were living without God, without any values, principles, truth; because we were all living as we pleased. When I met Pastor Sunday, I changed. Thanks to the teachings of the church, I found something to live for, and I understand HOW to live; I realized how to pursue the things for which I now live.

The second person who educated me was pastor Natalia Potopayeva. She is my spiritual mother, my teacher and an example for me. She is the person who helped me not just theoretically believe in God and know some truth, but to live by these truths.

The credit goes to these two people by whom I became who I am. They taught me to take an active civil position and not to be indifferent to the pains and needs of people. I was taught to take responsibility, show initiative, IOW be a personality. Today, as a pupil of these two, I am honored with the state award and my activity has been recognized as valuable to the country. Despite the fact that I have worked very hard, putting my best efforts to accomplish great work, I believe that this award is the merit of two people – Pastor Sunday and Pastor Natasha. If I did not meet them, I would most likely by now no longer be alive.

Q: The government has been changed in Ukraine. Nevertheless, both the past and present government see in you a man worthy of state awards. Does this confirm that the successes and achievements of a man towers beyond circumstances? 

A: Circumstances cannot control people who are focused on a goal, live for its sake, and understand who they are. Circumstance is a challenge. I do not care what government is. The fact that our country is on the lead for HIV, tuberculosis, drug addiction, child alcoholism is enough motivation which drives me to do what I do.

The first Award of “Assistance in drug addiction criminality opposition» in 2006, besides me, was awarded to the pastors’ team of the “Embassy of God” church. They are Alexander Malomed, Lyudmila Gannoha, Sergei Kushniruk, Fedor Konovalov. Any government may ignore anything, but no government can shut its eyes to actions taking place. We are active in closing dens of drug addicts, assisting law enforcement agencies in identifying criminal schemes, saving the lives of many, transform drug addicts into lawyers, psychologists and teachers. We work without gaps. We are constantly occupied by this, regardless of the government in power.

We do not focus on who is in charge of the country. Our focus is in God, our heart and inner sense of fulfillment. We want future generations to live in a healthy and decent country. Our goal is to make Ukraine a model for the world, a country without drug addiction, crime and free from drug trafficking. The aim is a global one, but we have already begun to implement it. We will always be ready to assist any authority, if we see it is truly interested in solving societal problems.

Q: What qualities do you think people should have to be the answer to societal problems?

A: First, you need to see yourself as an answer to the problems of people and open your heart. What is the main problem of our country? Everyone thinks only about himself: “it does not concern me”. I frequently encounter the indifference of officials and bosses in different state departments. In essence they usually take the position of: “If this problem does not touch me personally, it is not necessary to do anything about it.” Because most people are consumed with selfishness and indifference they cannot see themselves as the answers; because they only think about themselves. In order to become an answer to the needs of the society, it is necessary to investigate its vital problems and just want to stop being a consumer, but to become a producer, a source.

One great man said: “Life of Great ones calls us to pursue greatness in order to leave our footsteps in the sands of time” I study the life of great people and learn from them. I study pastor Sunday. He is a smart, educated man who could have taken place in any industry – in business or journalism. He could have conveniently taken the path of an oligarch or a bureaucrat, but what then would he leave to history? The tomb and used resources only. So Pastor Sunday lives not for himself but for others. Pastor Natasha, too, being no longer young, left everything and went as a missionary in a foreign country. For me they are great people. They do great things.

I want to leave a footstep in history; a heritage for future generations. I live, and I want to live, not just exist. I believe that each person must be a creator of his own modern history and not just live by the old history of Ukraine. To become the answer to the societal problems, a person must sacrifice himself for others and must be ready to pay any price to achieve the goal which is in his heart. Most importantly is to be yourself and live “from the inside out”, not “from outside – in.”

Q: It’s no secret that corruption prevails in our country. Probably it is hard to go against the system. What helps you not to give up?

A: I have formed a values’ system that helps me not to give up. It turns out that my system goes against the corrupt system. Faith in the goal and in God also help me not to give up, as well as a desire to help people and change my country. Also a living example of Pastor Sunday helps me very much: he could have given up more than once, but he has not. I follow his example!

I take this opportunity to express my great gratitude to my comrades, colleagues and everyone who is a part of the All-Ukrainian public movement “Drug addiction and corruption opposition”. This is not my personal award. It is our common achievement; it is a service of each region of Ukraine. People sacrifice themselves, visiting dens, identifying pharmacies which sell drugs, find and save drug addicts.

I really appreciate all those who struggle with drug crime in our country. I thank everybody who takes responsibility for their region, city or village. We will do many things, wipe a lot of tears, save a lot of people.

For those who believe that they can sell drugs in our country with impunity, we will create such conditions that they cannot live peacefully. On the behalf of all members of our Movement I would like to thank the Department of Illegal Drug Trafficking Opposition and its staff, represented by the Head of the Department, Gennady Liskonoga, for the help and close cooperation we have enjoyed with them. We look forward for further joint actions for the good of our country, in strengthening order, justice and legality in Ukraine.


Roman Trokhin is a pastor of the “Kingdom of God” Church, a member of the apostolic council of the “Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for all nations” Church. He is also a public figure, president of the All-Ukrainian Union of NGOs “Drug addiction and corruption opposition”, president of the NGO “Victory is in your hands”, the chairman of the All-Ukrainian public organization “Committee of organized crime and corruption opposition” in Kiev city.

In June 2006, Roman Trokhin was awarded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine’s with state award “Assistance in drug addiction criminality opposition»

Deineko Natalia,
Press Center of the Kingdom of God Church

Translated by Helen Stogniy
Edited by Arinze Chukwu Chianumba

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