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Church and Social Work – Is there any connection?

“A human life is as valuable as the person can help others”Ivan Franko

Social work, in a nutshell, is an activity focused on the protection of human rights and stability of the society. This activity has existed since the beginning of human society, transforming at different stages of its development. Nowadays the role and significance of social work has significantly increased because of complicated economic and socio-political life of the modern man.

Can church be indifferent to these emerging social issues? If God “…so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son…” (John 3:16), how can Christians dare stay indifferent to this world’s issues and people? Church is the conscience of the world and woe to the church if its voice subsides.

Using social work only will not solve the problem, because this activity will not annihilate the source of social evil and injustice. All negative aspects of society result from the human sinful nature, not from individuals and general conditions of social life. Therefore many social issues (if not all) can radically be solved by the name (power) of Jesus Christ and his Church.

Montesquieu, French philosopher, wrote: “Christianity does not only unite a man with God and prepare it for heaven, but it also makes the seeds of improvement in all aspects of life on earth. It makes a man zealous in the performance of his duties, returns balance, order and peace to his soul, leads to an active social life”.

Also Archpriest Nikolay Afanasyev in “Christianity and the Social Question” said, “The doctrine of the church is the social doctrine of Christianity. The Church is divine-human and consequently the public body.”

Active work of the church in the social sphere is the right, expected display of civic position of believers! Embassy of God Church “covers the entire spectrum of social needs that have arisen in our society: street children, homeless people, people dying from alcohol and drug abuse; those in custody, the poor and family members in crisis, those living alone and elderly people, orphans, the sick and destitute – the list is in-exhaustive.

“If we do nothing to change other people’s lives, change lives in this country – we live in vain. This is not life but simply existence” – Pastor Sunday Adelaja on ’Civic Stand’.

How can we help our neighbor? How to start a social movement in your city? How to revive the true values in society? Call the social department of Embassy of God Church.

Phone: +38 (044) 222-80-16
Pastor Lyudmila Gannokha
Coordinator of Social Ministry
Embassy of God Church

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