Pastor William Kumuyi
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Second Visit by Pastor William Kumuyi to Embassy Of God Church

May 20th  was an outstanding day for the Embassy of God Church, Pastor William Kumuyi came to visit the church in Kiev, Ukraine.

Pastor William Kumuyi was one of the speakers at the 17th anniversary of the Embassy of God Church. His ministry was accompanied with supernatural healings and wonders. Two months after the conference, testimonies of God’s glory revealed during his ministration are being shared still.

You cannot fully realize how privileged we are to greet Pastor Kumuyi as our guest today. God’s glory and grace are being shown to us. Brothers and sisters of the Embassy of God church, get ready to receive your miracle during the days of the crusade”, said Pastor Sunday before inviting Pastor William Kumyi to the stage.

Pastor Kumuyi shared with the church on, “How to accept Jesus and His miracle?”

Miracles in the life of Jesus started even before his birth: Mary conceived from the Holy Spirit, in a quite unusual way, by immaculate and supernatural conception.

After Jesus was born, King Herod ordered soldiers  to kill all male babies. Yet Mary and Joseph miraculously escaped from Bethlehem, in order to save their Son, the Redeemer of all mankind. When Jesus turned 12 years, he was in the synagogue teaching. All the listeners were amazed at his wisdom and knowledge.

Miracles constantly accompanied Jesus in his ministry (He turned water into wine, walked on water, raised people from the dead and many other miracles).The greatest miracle was His miraculous resurrection.

Now, 2000 years after Jesus’ resurrection, believers are still being used to heal the sick in His name, raise the dead and cast out demons – the name of Jesus is miraculous.  Yet besides the miraculous name of Jesus, we are to have FAITH in its power!

“When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you immediately accept a miracle! Be sure that you can overcome anything with Him. He will never leave you, even if the closest people will turn their back to you”, – the pastor said.

After the sermon, Pastor Kumuyi prayed for those, who came to church for the first time and released into the word of healing from various diseases.

After the prayer, many started coming up the stage to testify of the miracles they received: some were healed from leukemia, cataracts, brain tumors, vertebral hernia, and meniscus. A man received healing of his arm, which was paralyzed for 8 years after a brain injury. People’s toes, elbows, wrists, vertebrae and knees were healed. How great are the miracles God performed during the first day of crusade. We expect more of his mighty movement in the church.

Do not miss your opportunity to receive healing, attend the crusade with Pastor William Kumuyi.

Report from the 1st day of the evangelic crusade,
Press Centre of the Embassy of God Church.

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