Pastor Abosede Adelaja
Central Church

It’s The Dawning Of A New Year!

Hooray! It’s the dawning of a new year!  

Another cycle has been completed and hurray! It’s my birthday! A new year has dawned and it’s time to count my blessings and celebrate the great things the Lord has done again since my last birthday. It’s time to rejoice and make the earth hear His voice. Birthdays are a great time to critically reflect upon and be aware of the good things that have happened to me and around me, in order not to take them for granted. As I celebrate my birthday, I want to be grateful to God and the people around me by taking time to boldly express my thanks.

I thank God the Almighty, the All in All, for entrusting to me the opportunity to live on earth, to be connected to my fellow men and society, and at the same time live for Him and never lose focus of heaven. I covet the word of the Apostle Paul that says “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” That is, “For to me Christ is gain both in life and in death.”

I especially want to thank my one in a million husband, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, my wonderful children (both biological & spiritual) and my family (Parents and relatives)  for all they have been to me over the years. Thank you for your continuous acceptance, support, forgiveness, encouragement, blessings and prayer. My world would never be the same without you. You are awesome!

I thank the Body of Christ I belong to, especially The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God. I’m proud of my church! It’s an honor to build my church both spiritually and physically! I thank all the members of the Central and English Church. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for the environment we create together, for our goals, vision, influence, challenges and joint activities.  You help me to grow and I appreciate you. You are the best! I pray that God will help us to see more good and fruitful days in His vineyard.

I know I’m growing older and wiser and in my endeavor to leave childish things behind, I pray that God will grant me the grace to live everyday of my new year for Him and not get entangled and lost in the vanity of life. I pray that I will be able to make sense out of each day, getting first things done first , seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness, never losing my higher purpose and my meaning in the universe, and always being aware of where I fit in the larger scheme.

I pray to always be in control of situations and circumstances and to be able to rise above the waves of life. I pray that I may remain loyal and dedicated to myself, my values and principles. I pray that I may remain loyal and dedicated to my husband, children & family. I pray that I may remain loyal & dedicated to my society, my church, my world and my generation. My desire is to always do my part and work very hard for the success of all the groups I belong to.

I pray that I will continue to love learning new things, anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity, to never be content with doing things the conventional way if a better way is possible, to always notice and appreciate beauty, excellence, and skilled performance, to bring smiles to millions and to always try to see the light side of all situations.

May my guiding principle be mercy and not revenge and may I forgive those who have done me wrong, giving people a second chance.

I continue to work hard on leaving a great mark after me through my leadership and personal example.

May God help me and may He keep and bless us all.

Yours Sincerely,

Bose Dere-Adelaja

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