Pastor Abosede Adelaja
Central Church

It is lovely to be a woman! (Part 1)

Pastor Bose Adelaja decided to combine the wisdom, beauty and inspiration of the beautiful half of society, so that everyone can share their plans, objectives,  and useful tips about the all round development of all spheres of  a woman’s life.

This includes improving the domestic environment, creating a cozy home, making a happy atmosphere in the house, self fulfillment as an individual, a minister, a social activist, taking care of one’s health, financial independence, and other relevant issues. This promising and attractive offer of Pastor Bose was unanimously accepted by all the women present.

The meeting began with questions and answers.

Question: Pastor Bose you are a role model to many women. Can you share the secret of your success?

Answer: 1. I am happy with what I do, but I realize that everything can be improved, so I am always looking for areas in which I can improve and new ways of doing things. I am a multifaceted personality and loving Jesus helps me in this. I understand that I am a woman and that I have limitations. Being a woman means I have certain limitations which are not necessarily negative. It is my make-up as a woman but this means, I can not compete with men in some things, but all this pushes me more to God. Being aware of my weaknesses brings me closer to God and encourages me to search for solutions and answers from the Almighty.

2. I’m happy that becoming a pastor was a gradual process in my life. At first I was a student, then  I got married, started a home group, sang in the choir. Every day, little by little I learned to plan, adapt, fight and win.

God did not create all things in one day. And I advise you to move forward gradually, first overcome one line, then the next, doing your best with what you have. Remember that we are flexible beings – we can accommodate a lot, learn, create, and improve. Have a plan, do what you can, constantly be on the move toward your dream, in small steps, but moving forward. Another thing that helped me was my determination and ability to take responsibility. I made the decision to do everything I can.

Q: I have been praying for a long time for the healing of my daughter, I confess that she is healed by the “stripes” of Jesus, but I do not see results. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: As humans, we are limited and can not provide an answer to many questions. But when we read the Bible, we see that there was no man whom Jesus couldn’t heal. God’s Word is true. We must continue to believe, to pray, we must make sure we are a part of a home group where we are challenged to always learn more about God.

It’s is necessary to change the content of your prayer: Make God a vow, promise what you’ll do when God will answer your prayer. For example: “Lord, heal my daughter, and all my life I will serve you.” Look for opportunities to minister to others. The Bible says: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” “Do not care” does not mean idleness, passivity and indifference. We do not get nervous in vain, we do not panic, nor fall into hysteria or depression. But we plan, looking for different opportunities, we read books, listen to sermons on the proper subjects, we stand in faith, and help people who are in a more serious condition.

To be continued.

God bless you all!

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