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Will there be a miracle or not?

You can often hear the following expressions: “I must be lucky,” “Fate or luck will smile”, “happiness knocks at my house,” “Tomorrow will be better than yesterday,” and many more. This is a complete wrong idea about life. A sign of a healthy personality is the realization of man, that he/she and only he/she is the master and creator of his/her own destiny. A healthy personality understands that to get a miracle, to reach any heights in life is possible only with the help of his/her mind and hard work.

Any miracle can happen just by accident, without any reason, it is against the laws of nature and the universe.


Whatever your hand find to do, do it with all your might… Eccl. 9:10


1. All great things start small – do not neglect SMALL BEGINNINGS

All great people, well-known companies, popular sports teams did not immediately become so! Sometimes they began their ascension to great heights from very small action in the eyes of man. Do not expect a huge breakthrough, a great miracle and a great success immediately!Sudden success is difficult to keep and it can be devastating for the person.

”A heritage may be got quickly at first, but the end of it will not be a blessing.” Prov. 20:21

2. Put yourself in the framework of self-discipline. Successful people constantly discipline themselves, imprison themselves in “frames”, limit themselves in some things, not doing what they want but what they need. “Frames” enable discipline and destroy the comfort zone.


3. STUDY THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE.  God created life on planet earth in accordance with certain laws and principles, so it is predictable for those who know and live in accordance with them.

I) THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT – it suggests that the outcome of our lives is impossible without action. In other words, if there is no action, there is no result.


He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.” (Prov.10:4).


ii) CIVIL LAW – regulates relations in society.


iii) LAWS OF NATURE – governing all natural phenomena on the earth.


iv) SPIRITUAL LAWS – laws that reveal Scripture. They are instructions for our successful life on earth, it is our safety equipment.


v) LAWS OF SUCCESS say that everyone can be successful. There are no losers from birth; there are only people who do not know the laws of success.



vi) FINANCIAL LAWS. Money goes only to those people who knows very well the laws of money and fulfill them.


vii) PHYSIOLOGICAL LAWS or LAWS OF THE BODY. Ignorance of these laws can lead to various human diseases including those that are life threatening.


4. TURN YOUR UNIQUE QUALITY INTO A SPRINGBOARD.  Each of us has something that differentiates us from others, and how we can enrich the world. We only need to understand , explore and develop it to the maximum.


5. FOLLOW YOUR LIFE PHILOSOPHY. Life philosophy – is the way we view the world in which we live, that is how you see yourself and people around this world. There is a common feature In the philosophy of successful people – the ability to act and understand that human life is measured only by concrete achievements and results. A common feature of the philosophy of all the losers are inaction, stay in the groundless dreams and illusions.


6. BE A GRATEFUL MAN. Ungrateful people prefer to complain about everything and look for the guilty person, instead of working and getting  what you want. As a result, life for them becomes complicated and difficult.

“In everything give thanks…” (KJV, 1Thes. 5:18)


7. APPRECIATE THE TIME. Time – is our life. People on the Earth are divided into two categories.

The first category– are the people who do not understand the value of time and wasting it on empty things. They are poor people, people who live in the problems, and only dream of a miracle.

The second category– tries to make the most of the time, invest it into the right things that make their lives very expensive and productive. These people are successful and great.


8. REACH CLEAR LIFE GOALS. If you do not have clearly written goals and plans for the future, there will be no miracle. You need to lead a life where all your actions are aimed at achieving the result! Only then you will be able to turn your dreams into reality.


  1. DO NOT BE OF A FAINT HEART. Faint-heartedness is weakness of willpower, absence of tenacity and firmness of the spirit. It is good to be kind; however, if you help everyone in everything, you will have no time left for your own goals and mission.


10.   BECOME THE BEST. In order to fulfill the set goal and turn our dreams into reality, we must always achieve the maximum in everything. Only passion, action, and a burning desire to victory will bring you success. Be a fanatic of what you do. May the guideline of your life be the following, “If I have laid my hands on something, have done something, or even have simply passed by something, then there cannot be any other person in heaven and on earth, who could do that thing better than me!” “But covet earnestly the best gifts…”, 1 Corinthians 12:31



11.   BE FOCUSED. Whatever you do, your success will depend on your level of concentration: be it business, education, communications, negotiations, or anything else. All great people were very focused. They never lived in empty illusions or expectations. And it is this virtue that helped them to make important discoveries, which influenced the flow of history.


12.   LEARN TO LOVE SOLITUDE. The time of solitude is the time when you get to build yourself. Only a person, who built his own personality, can achieve success and turn their dreams into reality. They do not live in empty illusions and imagination expecting others to do things for them. They create different plans and strategies to achieve their goals and follow them through. You will never get a dream to materialize, if you have not yet built it up inside yourself. You will never be richer on the outside than you are inside. Your weight in this world will be defined by your inner weight. Your inner depth will define your influence in this world.


13.   DEVELOP YOUR PERSONALITY. People who make time for self-analysis are wise, because they possess the desire to constantly improve, perfect themselves, which in its turn promotes the scale of their success. You need to learn to analyze yourself, and then perfect. If you never work on yourself, know – there will be no miracle. If you are not developing through self-education, you need to understand that there will NEVER BE success in your life! The small capacity of your personality will never allow you to receive your miracle – there are no grounds for the miracle to happen.


14.   FULFILL ALL PROMISES GIVEN TO YOURSELF AND TO OTHERS! Unfulfilled promises will cost you the loss of your personal authority, and then your destiny.

“When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed”, Ecclesiastes 5:4


15. FIND A MENTOR. If you want to achieve success, while others are waiting around and live in empty illusions, you definitely must have a personal mentor or a coach. A coach will create exterior pressure, which will take you out of the comfort zone; he will make you work much and hard. As a result, your potential will be revealed and you will achieve success. Every exaltation, every greatness, every success depend on who you are obedient to and who you follow. That is how you can have a miracle of your own.

A person, who is waiting for the world to beat a path to their door, will forever remain at the bottom of the ladder. Such a person will never have a miracle. “Life is the effort over time”, Marcel Proust. He who takes actions is a wise man. Such a person will reach unbelievable heights in their life. Plautus used to say, “A wise man molds his destiny”.

I pray that you become wise men/women, who create miracles inside themselves and around!

Senior Pastor of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God For All Nations Church

Sunday Adelaja,

P.S. Directions of prayer in solitude:

1) For unified, prosperous, peaceful, developed Ukraine, that is ruled by God .

2) Salvation, deliverance of thousands of people through the “University of life” and other projects.

3) For the carrier of God’s vision for Ukraine and all the world – Pastor Sunday Adelaja, for the Apostolic Council, leaders of the “Embassy of God” church.
Translated & Edited By 
Camox Publishers,
Birmingham, England

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