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People often complain and grumble that circumstances and people around them never seem to change. They live in depression due to incomprehensible stagnation in business and personal development, while awaiting favorable changes in destiny. They are waiting for changes in close people: their wife or husband, children, boss, workers, but no changes seem to come.
Socrates knew the way out from such a blind alley: ”Let him that would move the world first move himself.”

Are you dissatisfied with something in your life? Answer yourself, then ask: “What have I done in order to change circumstances around me?”

How can anything be changed if a person:
• Is “glued” to TV watching entertaining shows and soap operas;
• sleeps 10 hours a day;
• kills time chatting phone;
• relaxes after work by drinking beer;
• spends a great deal of time idle, twiddling his thumbs;
• hopes for a better future yet does not make any efforts towards it;
• dreams that everything will be changed by itself without any sacrifices, attempts or pressure;
• hangs around people who do not value or believe in him;
• surrounds himself with friends who lounge about aimlessly;
• is not keen to improve his character by getting rid of weaknesses and shortcomings;
• is not interested in self-education, or a search for new information;
• is either afraid or too lazy to start something new;
• gets offended with those who speak the truth to him;
• does not listen to other members of his family , only himself, ignoring the advice of those close to him;
• takes only his own opinion into consideration;
• does not analyze his actions and as a result does not see mistakes that must be corrected.

In order for changes to take place we have to stimulate changes by ourselves becoming a source of desirable changes. We ourselves have to consciously take responsibility for all the needed changes in our life, forming new values based on the truth regarding our character. Without this you will not see robust changes in yourself, but if you do not change then neither will anything in your surroundings. If the following changes come to a person’s life: he gains employment, gets married, wins one million dollars in a lottery; but he does not change, then definitely problems, the disintegration of expectations and disappointment will come into his life.
“A fool is a person who always remains unchanged”, Voltaire

You cannot keep doing what you have always done and expect that something will change.
If you keep doing what you have always done it will bring you the same results. “If you want something you have never had before, you have to do something you have never done before.”Coco Chanel
To change something in our lives we have to:
1. Make a decision to do something in a new way: think, communicate, work or dress in an innovative way. Develop new habits.
2. Get rid of useless activities, change our way of life, make new decisions, after which changes will definitely come.
3. Remember that everyone is the “blacksmith” of his own happiness. You have to know that “tomorrow” is not in the hands of circumstances or other people, but it is in your hands. “Tomorrow” depends on what a person is doing today.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”(Gal.6:7)
If a person has not sow anything today then tomorrow he will not reap anything. For example, if you want to have children you have to prepare for marriage, get married or adopt children.
Become a master and creator of your destiny where there is a room for your favorite business, joy, success and prosperity. Begin to undertake something unusual by doing something you have never been doing before. The main thing is to prevent fear and temporal failures from stopping you!
Creators of their own destiny do not entrust their lives into the hands of other people, circumstances or God.

History makers:
• do the absolute most they can;
• work as if everything depends on them
• pray as if everything depends on God

All of us tend to love miracles and believe in them, but nothing changes without pain, hardship, sacrifice and hard work. Miracles occur in the lives of those who do the maximum on their part. God is then able to do His part.

No one can guarantee what will happen tomorrow; but everyone can plan for the future and create an algorithm for the realization of those desirables. Due to sound planning, chances of achievement of the plans increase significantly. Someone who plans and then acts according to these plans has more chances to achieve what is planned, compared to a person who does not plan and act.

Algorithm of behavior for circumstances around us start to change:
1. You have to create an “inventory” and answer the following questions:
• Who am I?
• Where do I want to get to?
• What do I do correctly?
• What do I not do correctly?
• What should I work on to become better?
• What negative characteristics do I have? Character, habits, my behavioral traits, that do not allow me to fulfill goals and which I have to get rid of?

2. To make a goal achievement plan, research how to accomplish your dream and do not lose
hold of it during life’s troubles. Focus on achievement of the goal. Demonstrate self-sacrifice,
selflessness, passion about the realization of your dream.

3. You have to change your surroundings. 50% of success depends on surroundings. Confucius said:
“Never contract friendship with a man that is not better than thyself.” You have every right to decide
who to befriend and who to spend your spare time with. Find and surround yourself with those who
believe in you, motivate you, and inspire you. Socialize frequently with successful, committed, clever and
decent people. Reduce empty communication to a minimum.

4. Fill your mind with new information and develop your intellectual potential. People of great intelligence
fail less and achieve greater success in life in comparison to the poorly educated. That is why increasing
your intellect causes you to improve your competitive advantage everywhere. In your business and private life.
Knowledge is power, “there is no intelligence where there is no need of change.” Herbert Wells

4. Start to live in a new way. Get enrolled in a university, post-graduate scheme, learn a foreign language, watch
scientific and educational movies, read books, make decision to have personal retreats, write a book, get registered in a gym, improve your nutrition, talk about Jesus to a minimum of three people per day.

‘Who never changes his opinions loves himself more than the truth” Joseph Gerber

Our future is whatever we build today, now, this present moment. My advice is that you should not expect ideal
conditions, start acting immediately. Do not wait for Monday!
There is always an opportunity to change one’s life.

For profound studying of this topic I recommend you read the following books:
“Art of self-government”, “Value and importance of character”, author Sunday Adelaja

Do not be afraid of changes! They are foundation of effective life!
The Senior Pastor of the Embassy of God church Sunday Adelaja

P.S. Prayer in solitude:
1) What should I change in myself in order to become more effective, happy, healthy and fruitful?
2) For qualitative and timely accomplishment of all construction and finishing works of the Ukrainian Cultural and Spiritual Center that must be finished before the winter comes.
3) Burn the fire of your heart. Crave for and share the burden God has given to pastor Sunday.

Translated by Lena Vylegzhanina,Valeria Granova

Edited by Kizito Leacock

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