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Every Believer Can Become a Millionaire or How to Provide for Your Future

I return now to the topic of financial security on purpose. The reason is, in this present time we have to study more carefully the laws of money to secure our financial future. Our country is progressively becoming a part of Europe; hence some people will become victims of capitalism. Believer’s i.e. we should not become this kind of victims! For that we have to know how to provide for ourselves now; in our old age and for our children.

Ecclesiastes 10:19b: “…but money answereth all things”.

The first rule for financial independence is:

Saving culture: we have spoken about it before but I noticed that many people complain that they do not have anything to save because they have great expenses or a very low salary. To begin this topic, I want to help you understand some things and to open your eyes to the fact that we always have something to say. Saving is not a problem if you take it seriously. Each believer can become a millionaire if he or she wishes – even under Ukrainian conditions.

There is an opinion that the reason for bad life is lack of money. Allow me to say that the wealth of a person doesn’t depend on the size of one’s salary; everything depends on how you deal with the money. Our wealth is directly proportional to our savings and expenses. If you get even a million dollars per month and spend it then you will never become rich and wealthy. But if a person gets only $100/month and religiously saves only a percentage of it, then one day this small amount will become great. This is because one of the laws of money says that time multiplies money or time makes wealth.

Another law of money claims that consistency in saving makes and multiplies wealth. E.g. If you constantly saved a sum of money and do not stop doing so for a certain time, then one way or the other financial well being and wealth will come to you. Many people say that they do not have enough money to save, but it is the weakest argument because wealth doesn’t come from saving one large sum of money but from constantly saving the little (or much) that we have.

Time and consistency multiplies money. So the point is not how much money you have or how large you salary is but in self discipline. Can we discipline ourselves to be able to save at least $5-$10 per day/week/month? If we do it constantly then we would discover that in a while small money will become big. Unfortunately, as we all know, the more you earn, the more you spend. So if your income is not high then this is the time to teach yourself the saving culture as it would be harder to do it later.

Ecclesiastes 5:10: “Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income“.

It should actually be the other way round – save more while you earn more. Of course the discipline in savings starts from faithfulness in tithing/offerings. By giving to God first it wouldn’t be a problem to give to yourself.

How to Find Money To Save

Firstly, we must discipline ourselves to decrease our daily expenses. Every one of us has daily expenses that can be regarded as unnecessary. E.g, some of us spend endless hours on the phone; or buy an extra cup of coffee or tea etc. We should cut back on our extra non-essential spending.

For instance when we take cups of tea with sweets or 2or 3 sandwiches; these usually are not necessary and they may amount to some $5 and imagine if you save these.

My challenge to you is to check your expenses and see how you can save up to ten dollars a day.

So let us calculate; if we save $5/day it makes $150/month and about $2000/year; even if deposit this money at the rate of 10% per year, then in 40 years, the daily $5 will amount to $1million.

I think that many of us can save much more than this. You might say, what if I would not live until that time? Possibly you would not live till that time but the principle is that time and consistency multiplies money. In any case your children and grandchildren will get the money.

Proverbs 13:22: “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children”.

So if the proceed from the $5/day is invested at the rate of 10% a year then within 7days we get $35 and in a month $150 and all these because you were disciplined enough to save $5/day.

Therefore, self discipline is to put aside the saved money and never touch it. You are wealthy not by how much you make but by how much you save. Every believer can become a millionaire if he/she wants it. Even if you don’t want to do this for yourself – do it for your children and grandchildren. $3000 put aside yearly for your child will reap $22,161 by the time that child is 20years old; in investment, it will reap much more.

Golden Truth:

  • Anyone can become a millionaire.
  • Anyone can have a financially secure future.
  • We always have something to save – financial independence is saving culture.
  • Consistency in saving brings and multiplies wealth.
  • Money grows as time passes, time and consistency multiply it.

 Remain blessed.

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