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One vital aspect of what marks the history of Embassy of God Church is fasting and prayer. The August 2012’s season of the summer fast was such a life-changing experience.

Immediately the fast was declared, people responded to the call with all their hearts. All the sessions of the fasting program were attended by God-loving people from within and outside the Church.

As people came together in the unity of Spirit, it was no doubt God was present to pour down the Spiritual “rain” in the hearts of the tarrying worshippers.

Besides, the fasting was graced by ministers of the gospel, whose ministries have made frantic impacts on the lives of people from diverse backgrounds, and walks of life. The refreshing moment was evident the Holy Ghost was on the move like in the day of Pentecost.

Worship was led by: Pastor Alexander Korman. While the sermons were delivered by: Pastor Anton Litvin, and Bishop Anatoly Belonozhko.

The evening session was capped by no one else but the G.O of the God Embassy Church, Pastor Sunday Adelaja himself.

Pastor Litvin Anton spoke on the “Father and Son relationship.” He laid Key emphasis on the following points:

  • A true son who identifies himself with his father and honors both of his parents.
  • God, who makes all things new; new revelations, new answers, new blessings.

A powerful worship session brought down the presence of God. This of course was led by the worship leader, Pastor Alexander Korman.

Pastor Korman, during the worship urged the Church to cry out to God in worship with the voice of joy, as there are so many uncountable blessings God has given to His people which deserve thanking Him for.

The morning speaker was Pastor Anton Litvin, a member of the Apostolic Council Church, from Simferopol city.

Pastor Litvin challenged the Church with the theme: “Father and son relationship.”

The Christian walk is the type of father-Son relationship. The Church is the type of the “Son” that God loves so dearly. A son is always loved more than a child.

Speaking with so much enthusiasm and zeal, he buttressed on the fact that the relationship between a father and his son must be a norm in all ramifications of Christian life; not only when fasting is being declared.

The two he said, must be dedicated to each other. Which means that as God is dedicated to us (the Church or Christ body), so we (the “Son”) must be dedicated to Him as well.

A loving father trains up and disciplines his children in the fear of the Lord, and shows him the way he should go. The children in turn must obey their parents.

Giving further emphasis on the father-son relationship,  the Pastor made another thought-provoking remark by saying:

“Try to work hard in where God has planted you in order to adequately present the name of your father, or family. Work on yourself so that you will not throw away the name of your father in the mud with your behavior”.

Pastor Anton gave a simple analysis on the oneness of the body of Christ (The Church). He drew more scriptural references from the book of Genesis in the 24th Chapter. Thus:

1.      Family- he likened the body of Christ to one united family in God.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they two shall be one flesh.” Gen. 2:24.

2. Father and son relationship:

“I and my Father are One.”  John 10:30.

On the issue between the father and his two sons, one of whom was prodigal, Pastor Anton drew attention to the fact that the elder son who remained with his father at home never knew the challenges of life. He did know how to dream, nor understand pain, and finally the joy that exuded in the heart of his father for his lost son. That joy was seen on the day that his lost son returned home. He had dreamed for the return of his lost son home.

Throwing the question at the congregation, the Pastor asked the congregants if they knew or even imagined the burden of the father, what are his yearnings and dreams for his lost son. This, he referred to the Father in heaven and the Church (the body of Christ).

The father saw his lost son afar of meant he was constantly looking out for him.

His key points as he concluded were:

  • nobody infringes in the individual rights of a true son and tries to destroy it. His rights are his.
  • we must remember that no one will be revealed a thing without a father.
  • one can also have gifts and talents, but if the father does not bless them, all would be to no avail.
  • if we do not understand the actions of our father, we must try to understand his motives.
  • we must ask questions, and talk with him.
  • we must not discuss our families’ negative side with people outside.
  • each person must defend his family and honor their parents.

Pastor Anton without forgetting drew attention again to the woman (Mary) who poured the precious ointment at Jesus’ feet and wiped them with her hair, and Judas trying to raise and alarm as the result.

Pulling up his final excerpts, the pastor asked the following question further:

  1. Who will you identify yourself with in life?
  2. How will you carry yourself before this person in order to learn the good aspect of his life, if he was your father? In final conclusion, Pastor Letvin drew the curtain by saying:“Let your life always be at the proper angle!”

Pastor Alexander Korman concluded with his exhortation: “It is very easy to follow God, and hide behind Him, but the true honor is to follow the man in whom God is.”

In the evening as the fasting was coming to a head, the senior Pastor of the God Embassy church Sunday Adelaja, shared a word on: “Why one should honor his parents.”

Overflowing with joy, he once again thanked God for the opportunity to be in the new building. “You are God fulfilling the covenant,” said he.

Drawing attention to the types of fathers that exist:

  • Biology- he who formed your image (through whom you were born), raised, and educated you.
  • the One who initiated genes or anything; the father of the nation.

Pastor Adelaja emphasized that a true father gives a start in life, he puts himself in his son, and that this is why we do need to honor our parents.

Pointing out from the Bible, he stressed thus:

“This is right”
“Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right”. Eph.6:1.

The fact that you grew up in a normal house, dressed, fed and got educated means you did not experience the fate of the child from the orphanage. Be thankful for that, he said.

The pastor said that even if a person was raised in an orphanage, he is obliged to honor his mother, as she took out of herself and gave him life.He also drew attention to the only one commandment in the book of Ephesians that has a blessing to children who obey their parents, it is the one that has a promise – it is a commandment on honoring father and mother.

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise; That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth”. Eph. 6:1-3.

Thus, this is a key of having a good life in honoring one’s parents, said he.

“Honor” from the Greek and Hebrew words, is not just to accept the father like a father, but to reward him for whom he is.

Respect is a theory. Honor is a practically taking the action.

The Pastor added that the father always has an answer for his son, and that God gives wisdom to fathers.

“And he said unto him, Behold now, there is in this city a man of God, and he is an honourable man; all that he saith cometh surely to pass: now let us go thither; peradventure he can shew us our way that we should go.” 1 Samuel 9:6.

Pastor Sunday gave the following recommendations:

1) Obey your parents.

“Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord.” Colossians 3:20.

2) Do not argue with your father.

The son cannot argue with his father does not mean completely agreeing with him. This does not mean shame on you either, or humiliation, but total respect to his opinion.

In finally drawing the curtain for the day, Pastor Adelaja implored the congregation with the following words: “The honor has to go back to our families!”

“Dear friends, let us resolve to renew our honor to parents, both physical and spiritual.”

Translated by Anna Krets
Edited by Apostle E.Bulus

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