Sunday and Abosede Adelaja
Pastor Sunday Adelaja

Happy 48th Birthday to my rare husband!

I wish you A Very, Very Happy Birthday, Pastor Sunday. I wish you Many Happy and Fruitful Returns!

Birthdays are special moments to celebrate how we have spent our days and to plan for the coming days. Indeed, there is much to celebrate in my husband’s life and I’m full of anticipation of what the coming days hold for us.

Life. Life! Life?

Life. Your life has gone from just being a noun, an existence or a phenomenon to something full of different kinds of happy moments and achievements.

Life! Your life is being lived to the fullest of your understanding, a life that is an example and an inspiration to many. Your optimism (faith) in life is adorable and your fearlessness (faith) to combat evil and ignorance leaves no one indifferent and I believe will motivate many to great feats,  even centuries after you’re gone.

Life? Just like for all humans, life poses both answerable and unanswerable questions to you at different points in time and you have lived up to the challenge. Praise to the Greater One who lives in you and causes you to triumph in the face of difficult trials and insurmountable adversities.

How we, humans, view these different angles of life and the harmony we create among them determine the kind of life we shape for ourselves from the original raw life that God has given us.

In the struggles of life, in the race of life, many people often lose the real life itself; they sacrifice it for a lesser kind of life. They lose the original for the counterfeit, but you, Pastor Sunday, have lived differently.

We have a reason to celebrate your life. We cannot forget the Lord’s doing, all glory be to God for keeping you on this planet Earth for such a time like this. The faithful God has seen you through different phases of growth, and through many trials, waters, fires, challenges.  We pause to give Him thanks on your birthday.

It has been an honor and a trust for me from God to be in your world and to be part of the history you create.

As much as creating a personal meaningful life is paramount, the responsibility of sharing one’s life with others cannot be overlooked. Pastor Sunday, you are one of the reasons why many people, including me,  write, sing, smile, dance, celebrate and have dreams today. You have been a great inspiration for many years.

You are an expression of love, one of a kind, one out of ten thousands. You stand alone; you are a pacesetter, an achiever, a fighter, father, leader, teacher, coach, husband, public figure, social activist, clergy, author, academician, trainer… You are a rare type indeed.

Your life is a proof that life is like clay and we can all mold whatever we want from it through the power of knowledge and wisdom. We may do just one thing with it or creatively make many products from it. The choice is ours to make.  You have not only produced many products yourself, thus living a fulfilled life, but you are constantly inspiring thousands to follow suit.

Therefore, today I congratulate you on your 48th birthday as the person who shows me the full side of true and sacrificial love, who showers me with love at all times; every day, hour, and second. I congratulate the person, whose banner over me is love, who is always there and can be all ears when needed.  I congratulate and honor the man who uses his manhood to protect my womanhood. 

Thank you Pastor Sunday for the life we share together, for the things we do together, for the talks we hold together, for the plans we make together. Thank you for the time we spend together, for the trips we make together, for the risks we make together, for the joy we have together, and the reward we get together.

My love for you has grown! I love you the way you are, I am happy we have lived long enough together to value and enjoy our love and what we have built with it together. Living with you, sharing a lot in common and having the privilege to be called your wife, your princess, has been a great boost and blessing to my life. Happy Birthday, my dear husband!

The children, Perez, Zoe, and Pearl, which God has given to us, join me in congratulating you on this celebration!

May the good God continue to keep you, may He enable you to see many good days, may He help you to overcome your trials, may He help you to productively and effectively fulfill your days on earth until you see your beloved Lord and Master face to face and be with Him forever.

Happy Life!

With honor,
Your wife,
Bose Dere-Adelaja

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