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The power of one good seed

The incredible praise and worship of the church “True Love” during the second service dipped everybody into God’s presence! 
To commence the second service, the choir sang “Grains of Love”, a great song about our beloved Ukraine. The song depicts the love of God for our country, and proclaims that the name of Jesus should be glorified in Ukraine. The great artist Aretta sang the song “Flower” with the message “There is none like our Lord.” 
Ruslan Osadchiy had been addicted to drugs for 12 years and one day his life came to a total dead-end– when his mother committed suicide. Desperately, the young man found his way to the church and went on to start a new life with the Lord. Ruslan now serves those who are in the same situation as he was in, who are going through rehabilitation at the rehabilitation center “Life without chains.” 
Yaroslav Shumovsky grew up in a good and intellectual family. He first came to the church at the age of 18 , with no obvious problems in his life. In the church “Embassy of God” Yaroslav found the purpose and meaning of life. He discovered flaws such as laziness and irresponsibility inside himself. Thanks to the teachings of the church, combined with Yaroslav’s obedience and self-development, he was able to get a scholarship at his University and then graduate from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy with honours. Today, Yaroslav is an assistant pastor. He lives purposefully and is enjoying a successful life, thanks to pastors and to God. He is currently preparing for a missionary work in Asia. 
Mikaelian Ripsime sang a beautiful song: “We are the children of one love.” And whatever the nationality or skin color, we are the children of our Father.
The youth of the church “Embassy of God” named NEW GENOFUND presented a brilliant and creative presentation. 
Member of the Apostolic Council and head of “University of Life”, Ph.D. Pastor Victoria Melnik presented the book “THESE YOUTHS WILL SHAKE THE WORLD” or “SEEING INTO THE FUTURE.” They contain 20 unique stories of our youth. Pastor Victoria thanked God for finding these young people worthy to work in the kingdom of God on Earth. 
Testimonies of Youth: 
The Shadrovs family, Alexander and Elena testified about their fated acquaintance, preparation for marriage, and a happy marriage. They wedded one month ago. Thanks to the teachings of the church, Alexander has been successful in the show business and even became a presenter on “Radio Plus”. The couple thanked the author for the honor of being one of the heroes in the book and gave glory to God for their family. They have taken responsibility for the youth in their city and are influencing them through their family and profession. 
Anton Pakhtusov from Kaliningrad, Russia (church of p.Irina Filyaeva) expressed his joy at the fact that there on the same stage there were both Russians and Ukrainians, who have one God and are heading toward the same goal. Glory to God! The testimony of this brother is that before joining the church his self-esteem was very low. He was a young man with plenty of complexes. When he came to the church, God, through pastors, provided the necessary help to change Anton’s character and to help him get active in his own life. Anton desires to reform the system of education in Russia and become the Minister of Education. He studies the history of great men, namely the history of the current Minister of Education of Russia today. 
17-year-old Edward, a member of the Church “The Way to Freedom” which is pastored by Christina Slobodich, testified how he became an influential businessman, with the help of the church “Embassy of God”. At age 15, he graduated from high school without attending lectures. Due to his work and perseverance, God exalted him. Edward discovered that his life has a great purpose: to become an influential person in Ukraine by becoming the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Despite the fact that he has made many mistakes, he keeps getting back up and moving toward his target.
Pastor Sunday Adelaja addressed the church in this way:”It is impossible to successfully go through life being attached to people and things.” We should be guided by only one thing; our life’s purpose. People will let you down, circumstances and occurrences will disappoint you. The most important thing in life is to know who you are, where you are going and what you achieved today. Pastor Sunday challenged young businessmen who are under forty years old to become dollar millionaires. If a businessman has a product and he is not a millionaire, it means that he has a problem with advertising. Advertising is the engine of progress. It is important to prove to everyone that you are better than others. Unfortunately, in our country there is a stereotype that if a young person has money, it means he was helped by his parents. However, this is not always the case. 
For women who work, it means they should be the best there in their area in order to glorify Jesus. Be strong in God! 
Everything is possible with God! It is important to convey this into everyone’s mind, that with God, nothing is impossible! 
1. Only by working hard and diligently will you achieve success in your work. 
2. It is essential to believe that with God all things are possible. 
3. You must believe in yourself, to the point of abandoning an ordinary life. Decide to leave a footprint on the ground behind yourself. Leave a mark on Earth!
Next, each of the characters in the book “The youth will shake the world” spoke about their goals in life:
Mediovsky Sergey wants to leave a footprint in the field of entrepreneurship, by being an honest and responsible businessman. 
The aim of Marina Yaremenko is to raise the culture of music through musical creativity. She is the leader of the youth Praise/Worship group at present. 
Svetlana Chimpoyash wants to influence the youth through art and the show business. She also dreams of opening a family style home for orphans. 
Dasha from Dneprpetrovsk dreams to become a youth pastor and lead 100000 souls to God. She is currently a member of the youth council in the executive committee. 
Ekaterina from Dnepropetrovsk influences young people by means of a hip-hop dance center. 
Anna from Dnepropetrovsk aims to help orphans. 
Anna Chibireva of Kaliningrad, Russia, plans to launch a project aimed at preserving the purity of girls before marriage. At the moment she is a wedding organizer and intends to open her wedding agency. 
Maria Storchak, Kaliningrad, plans to become a national coach and influence the young people of Russia through interactive activities, science and business. She is a postgraduate student, currently leading her own social organization and running a small business. 
Eugene influences the sphere of children through training. 
Julia Potopayeva plans to extend the Kingdom of God through media and has already begun to do this, while studying at the university. 
Victoria from Belarus is a future TV presenter who plans to influence its culture. She is a student of the culture faculty. 
The purpose of Oksana from Lviv is to impose the values ​​of the Kingdom through sharing the Word, training, and social activities. She wrote an amazing poem, “Let’s forgive all our enemies” relating to the theme of brotherly love, unity, and freedom of the Ukrainian people. 
Alina Chernyavskaya of Chervonograd greatly desires to glorify God and promote His principles on Earth. She has created a social project called “Lady”, and in the future plans to influence people through a club for learning English. 
Jaroslav Shumovsky from Kiev wants to make an apostolic reformation in South-East Asia and he will be there to introduce training programs of the church, and is already leaving on a mission in 2 days.
Vadim Chernish is from Kiev and attends the church of pastor Larisa Krivoruchko. In his 25 years of life he already has a great influence over the field of computer programming. He has worked for a Google and currently owns his own business: delivery of food from Europe (Spain). He launched his first business at the age of 17. 
Nikolai Getman, Lugansk, has a goal to create a Christian music school that will bear his name. 
Catherine Chekanova from Kiev has been a member of the church for only 3 years. She got married one month ago. Today, she is co-founder of the school “Anatomy of marriage.” Her goal is to extend the school of premarital relations worldwide.
Pastor Sunday released grace and anointing on the young people’s lives in order for them to bring God’s Kingdom to Earth and to prevent any power from stopping them. After that Pastor invited those who have seen administrative part of the church complex to testify.
Pastor Lesiy Korovina shared her happiness about what she has seen inside the administration department of our new church building. Her first impression was that it was heaven on Earth. Pastor appreciates the beauty through her “7 star” out of five rating.
Pastor Kristina Slobodich was amazed by the beauty of the walls and floors. She said it is a reflection of our senior pastor, pastor Sunday; brightness, creativity, thoughtfulness, quality, depth and beauty. Alena Tarasenko recalled the times when they used to have to gather in various locations. Those were not very attractive. She compared the previous offices with what the church now has. She made the conclusion that God has abundantly blessed His people. He gave us the ability to build such a tremendous complex. The extraordinary colors lift our self-esteem help break the old stereotypes that reside inside us. The uniqueness of the interior beauty of our administrative building is evidence that our pastor cares about us.
Speaker of the second service was the great Pastor Derek Schneider from Canada. First, his assistant shared a testimony of how God, through Pastor Sunday, and Pastor Derek made ​​a reformation of his personality. When his assistant was finished, Pastor Derek began his speech by saying that he was proud to be a history maker of the Embassy of God, and he also told us about the wonders of God’s glory in Canada. Members of the church “Embassy of God” in Canada do not just attend retreats; they also make history together in their own country. One miracle of God is that the deadest churches were awakened and began influencing other churches in different parts of the country. Pastor Derek’s goal is to influence society through television. God performed a miracle after the conference. A member of the church has applied for registration of a Christian channel in Canada, which will be broadcasted in the United States. This channel will be a platform for spreading the Kingdom of God. 
Pastor Derek Schneider then shared his sermon “The Power of One good seed” with us.
Genesis 15:1-5: “After this, the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision: Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward. But Abram said, o Sovereign LORD, what can you give me since I remain childless and the one who will inherit my estate is Eliezer of Damascus? And Abram said, you have given me no children; so a servant in my household will be my heir. Then the word of the LORD came to him: this man will not be your heir, but a son coming from your own body will be your heir. He took him outside and said, look up at the heavens and count the stars, if indeed you can count them. Then he said to him, so shall your offspring be.”
Matthew 13:3: “Then he told them many things in parables, saying: A farmer went out to sow his seed…..”
In order to understand what God wants from us, we need to think in the way God does. One of the characteristics of God is to do something great by using something small. He joined a man and woman and gave them the ability to populate and give birth to new life. God did not create many people at once. It was sufficient for Him to create only two people, and through them would come numerous generations. When God created man, he already had the algorithm, instructions for population. 
In the time of the flood, the Lord left only eight people alive. After the flood, He left only Noah’s family on Earth. He left only eight people and did not create any new ones. The number eight in the Bible has the meaning of perfection. 
These two examples are principles of a good seed. God had spoken to Abraham and told him that he would multiply his seed like the sand on the seashore, and that they would give birth to the judges and the kings of the Earth. Abraham saw himself as a childless, but God saw in him as the father of nations. One cannot imagine the number of a generation which is equal to the number of stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore. By The term “Under the stars…. and sand” He meant sons who would be born in the future from the descendants of Abram. The influence of the Kingdom of God cannot be confined to a mathematical framework. It is infinite. It surpasses our limited understanding of life and our capabilities. 
Jesus told several parables about multiplication and one of them is the parable of the sower. In the 13th chapter of Matthew’s gospel, it is said that man is a seed. You cannot pay attention to the size of your seed today, but you need to focus on the power that comes with its growth and development. God took a seed; Pastor Sunday, and brought him to Ukraine. This seed has grown greatly and today influences places even outside of Ukraine.
Seeds are the sons of the kingdom of God.  God has planned for your life to be one of multiplication. Taking this into account, He considers up to the thousandth generation of a person. In the parable of the sower it is written that God will multiply the seed by 30, 60 or 100 times. Many people believe that in Genesis God is referring to mathematical multiplication. Tenfold multiplication in math means ten times one. Hundredfold multiplication is ten times ten. God’s arithmetic however, is quite different from a man’s. 
Example of multiplication referred to the Parable of the Sower: 
x30  is 1, 073, 701, 824  One billion seventy-three millions seven hundred forty one thousand eight hundred twenty four 
This number is one seed multiplied thirty-fold. If you multiply it to 100 times, the resulting number will be exponentially larger. And this is what God has in store for us! 
Pastor Sunday set his goal for his pastors at five million changed lives.
Today, every Christian is a good seed which can bring the fruit of five hundred million of changed lives. Jesus was not worried when he left Earth. He sowed twelve seeds and knew what they would become. Pastor Sunday follows the example of Jesus and puts the emphasis on quality. Through conversations, retreats and home groups he causes each person to become a good seed. The issue is not with the quality of soil, but the quality of the seed. The future of our country depends on the quality of our seed, and not on the political situation or other factors. In order to become a good seed, you need to develop certain qualities like those of Pastor Sunday, and allow God to work with us through our pastor. Pastor Natalia Potopayeva is one of those quality seeds which that was grown by our pastor. 
After the sermon, Pastor Sunday revised his goal of five million. He said that five hundred million is just the beginning in terms of eternity. It’s not a number at all. It seems that the pastor sees only 29-fold, and he wants to produce a minimum of thirty-fold for God.
The pastor shared the example of two families from Sweden who went to Brazil on a mission. One hundred years later, they raised a spiritual generation that was four times larger than the population of the country of Sweden. 
It is important to understand that while a good seed flourishes and reproduces, a poor seed dies and disappears. God blesses those who love Him to 1000 generations, and curses, i.e. destroys, those who hate Him up to the fourth generation.
According to statistics, the population of Ukraine 100 years ago was 80 million. Today the population of the country has reduced to 45 million. It is because people have become godless, and from this came the curse. Every 70-100 years, God defines the boundaries of a territory. God destroys the people who do not fulfill His will. Only those whose ancestors had served God continue to live on Earth, if they repent. Whether and how long we live with our descendants on this planet depends on us. 
Examples of the good seeds of our church are collated in books about the heroes of the Embassy of God. The righteous shall inherit the Earth.
To be continued…
Translated by Vera Kozlovets

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