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Interview with Pastor Sunday Adelaja on Russian Radio 7 (U.S.) – part 4

Anchorman: Another tricky question people ask, referring to information on the Internet: Do you have accounts and real estate in the U.S.? Give your comments, please.

Sunday Adelaja: Yes, I have an account in the U.S. A credit card, because at one time I could not use my Ukrainian one. Every time I visited countries around the world, I had problems with the Ukrainian card: I would have to make a telephone call, do verification and checks, etc. So I opened an account in the U.S. Anyone can do it. Today it has only a couple of thousand U.S. dollars. You can check it.

I know the Ukrainian media claim they have found 3 accounts belonging to me: a $15000000 account and a $35000 –  account. I made a public statement on the Internet, that if anyone could find that account, they should prove it. Then we found out that it was written by one politician from Vishneviy Town. Assistant Mayor of this town is a member of our church. His competitor published the story before the election to tarnish our brother’s reputation. This has already been proven. I am not hiding my possessions: it is a couple of thousand U.S. dollars.

As for an apartment: there is a house, bought on credit, for which I still have to pay 100 thousand dollars. I even froze it when the crisis began. We paid credit every month, as everyone does. I do not hide anything.

Anchorman: Can I please ask very direct questions: why have you bought a house in the U.S.?

Sunday Adelaja: The first reason is that my child was born in America. She is an American citizen. She needs a residence permit there, where different papers are sent.

Another reason is because we have a ministry in America. At one time we had over 20 churches there. I used to travel to the United States each month so I needed it.

Anchorman: Pastor Sunday, all everybody makes mistakes. I am sure you make them too.

Sunday Adelaja: Yes, oh how I do! Those who are more active are more prone to make mistakes.

Anchorman: Did you make any mistakes which you confessed in the church beforepeople?

Sunday Adelaja: Yes, often. Today I told you about one of those cases. I repented for Kings CapitalCompany’scollapse. You can find it on the internet if you search type  “Sunday repentance.” It is not hard for me to repent, it does not harm my self-esteem.

There were other mistakes, which I repented for. For me repentance is a way to forgiveness and redemption.

Once, my friend from Sweden visited me. He said he talked to one of the pastors from Kiev City who told him that the worst thing is that Sunday does not repent. I asked him, “Do you have a computer with you? Open it and find “Sunday repentance” on the internet”.  So he found 200 articles. It is not a secret! Even secular papers write that Pastor Sunday repented for Kings Capital Company affair that shadow fell on the church. I can repent even now.

Anchorman: How do you feel about the people, the ministers, who condemn you and spread negative information about you? Can you ever forgive them?

Sunday Adelaja: Of course! I forgave them a long time ago. I even bear no grudge against them. I understand it. At first I kept silent. I was surprised! How could people who did not know what was going on take responsibility and repeat what they read on the internet and newspapers, even without hearing the other side!

As it is written in Matthew, 18: if you have something against your brother, go to him, talk and find out the answer to the question. People did not do that but rather spread negative information. People do not fear God! They say I’m such a terrible sinner, but transgress the Word of God themselves.

At first I was indignant at it. Then I realized the words of Jesus: if anyone sees the speckin the eye of his brother, there is the log in his own eye. It means he has bigger problems which are still hidden. I realized it’s just a human nature. People who point at you, trying to show that they are more righteous, use it as a way to hide their sins which are greater. I realized it is not even my problem when they condemn me, it is their problem. I walk before God and they do also .

Frankly speaking, my opinion is that many of them are just naive. They believed what was put into their ears. So I do not blame them. May be they honestly believe Sunday is a villain and they have to deal with it. Romans, chapter 14, says: “He is my slave. Why do you judge someone else’s servant?” If he falls or stands it is not your problem. God is not dead, God knows everything. God knows what to do with his slave.

Galatians, chapter 6, says that even if your brother falls, you who stand give your hand and support him so you will not fall into a worse situation.

I understand that people act according to their understanding. They do what they do genuinely. They are zealous.

I was also in such situations. It was probably my biggest lesson in life. I also pointed the finger at people. Because of this situation I repented a thousand times for having  accused other people, not knowing the details. It is my biggest lesson. I considered myself a fighter for justice, but it brought more harm. I also reaped the fruits of it: people began to condemn me. Each of us learns from our own mistakes.

I think those who condemn me, not knowing the details of what happened, will also reap the same. Life is the best teacher. Crisis and problems come not only to Sunday Adelaja, they come to everyone on earth. When they will go through their crises and others will blame them for what they did not do, then they will say: I also condemned.

Anchorman: You talk very convincingly, pastor Sunday. You know these are terrifying words when you say:” Who are you to dare to condemn somebody’s slave?” You offer yourself to the Judgment of God that is why it sounds quite persuasive on the one hand. On the other hand, it is necessary to have a serious daring for placing yourself into the position of God’s judgment. I believe these words are heard not only by thousands of people at the moment on this live broadcast, but also by God. I would like to believe that your words are coming across very persuasively.

Let’s talk a bit about future projects. Is it true that you are going to build “Jesusland” like Disneyland? Such information is being spread and people ask me this question.

Sunday Adelaja: This is one of the cases when the world is full of rumours: people swallow everything they read on the internet. I have not even heard about this “Jesusland”. I heard it for the first time when journalists began “bombing” that I was building “Jesusland” with a casino and bar…I asked: “What are you talking about?” And only then I found out that one journalist decided to make a name and career, came to our church and shot a video when we were collecting money for the building of our church and then reported: “Sunday invented something new again”. Excuse me but, this is total nonsense. I did not even know how to respond to them.

Anchorman: Are you planning to appeal to the International Court of Justice after persecutions and attempts to close your church and take the building away? What are your intentions and what are you going to undertake?

Sunday Adelaga: I am sure the law will be upheld; not because of the international community etc., after all we were all witnesses of the international community protecting Yulia Timoshenko, but she is in prison at the moment. The international community was for Luzhenko, but he is imprisoned too. Sometimes it does work in Ukraine.

I more rely on God who sent me to this country, who found me in a dilapidated village of Africa, who revealed Himself to me and gave me commission and the word: “Priests of the earth, kings and people will be fighting against you, but they will fail because I am the One who sent you. Do not fear and do not be faint-hearted, declare everything I have put into your mouth.”

There is a God in Heaven, and while He is alive my soul and the Embassy of God church He has created will live.

Anchorman: What if the Court of Ukraine pass sentence on your deportation? Are you ready to obey to such a decision?

Sunday Adelaja: Neither the court of Ukraine, nor any person is able to do it! I declare it as one who has fellowship with God and walks before Him. I am a messenger of God. No man, no court, no police, no public prosecution’s office, no president can seal my fate. My fate is in the hands of the Living God! If He needs to He will take me from here and send me to another country or prison if He really needs to do so. I am not afraid of it and am ready to go to a prison here in Ukraine or any other place in order to be His servant over there. But if He does not need it, then no hair will fall from my head without His permission. I am hidden in Him, I am His son, His servant, His friend walking with Him. I am too close to God to think that someone can cause me any harm.

Anchorman: Pastor Sunday, do you have confidence in Ukrainian justice?

Sunday Adelaja: No, I do not have confidence in it.

Anchorman: (Laughing).

Sunday Adelaja: Hoping that God will work a miracle. I do believe in God’s justice, not the Ukrainian one.

Anchorman: The last question. If you had an opportunity to return to the past and change something in your life and ministry what would you change?

Sunday Adelaja: First of all, I had a very difficult childhood. If I had such an opportunity I would have changed some things asking God for His mercy. On the other hand, I am who I am because of this hard school of life in Africa.

If it had not been for these last events I would not teach the whole church about financing and investment principles, but I would have selected less literate people. In spite of the fact that I did not campaign, did not send anybody to the King’s Capital company, people made their own decision to invest money. Probably it happened due to my teachings about investment I used to think that people are able to look deep into the teaching, sort the information out, and make balanced decisions. I thought people would act according to my teachings. Now I realize that people do only 2-5% of what they have been taught. As a norm, they do what they have been convinced to do or under its own inertia. That is why I would do it in a different way if I could.

Anchorman: Thank you very much pastor Sunday for your time. I think our interview turned out well. Thank you for finding time to get in touch with us, and I am sure we will have another interview in the future on the radio or at your home if you stay in Ukraine and justice will be established whatever it is. We will meet at your house, drink  tea, and remember everything as a bad dream.

Sunday Adelaja: Yes I invite you at least for the sake of truth.

Anchorman: Thank you very much for your honesty and answers. May God rule over this situation keeping you and blessing you abundantly. God knows who is right and who is wrong.

Sunday Adelaja: Thank you very much, Evgeniy. I would like to tell that you were quite right in trying to be a civilized person on this broadcast. I’ve had a thousand interviews, but I would like to compliment you: you are a professional. Thank you very much.

Translated by Helene Stohnii and Valeria Granova
Edited by Kizito Leacock

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