Central Church

An exciting week for Embassy of God!

Anointing service, welcome of guest and wedding bells on the same day!

It was an exciting week for Pastor Sunday and the Embassy of God. Just a week after his birthday the Senior Pastor of the renowned mega church spent some time with God in solitude at his home as he always does days before the monthly anointing service. During the first meeting he introduced the delegates who flew in from other parts of the world to attend the History Makers Training, which takes place at least twice a year for Russian and English speakers. The delegates came to the stage to greet the congregation that unbelievably filled up the church pews amid the negative publicity of the Ukrainian media towards Pastor Sunday.

The greatest highlight of the second anointing service was the joining together in holy matrimony of a young couple by Pastor Sunday himself. The wedding took place at the Central Church venue in Osokorky, Kiev attracting another large crowd to witness the special event. The bride Maria Simoneko and the bridegroom IIya Kovalov are prominent members of the Embassy of God Church who have been active since they joined the church. The new wed couple were dressed up elegantly in pure white and so was Pastor Sunday who was the officiating marriage officer at the wedding. Both the bridegroom and Pastor Sunday were dressed up in white suits that one could mistakenly assume that Pastor Sunday was the best man or the bridegroom.

Besides having a good time and celebrating the special occasion which is a memorable day of the new husband and wife, the wedding also served as a reminder to everyone of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ who is coming soon to take his bride (the church worldwide) that is pure and holy. So please as you read this statement take a pause and think about the following question, “Where will you spend eternity?

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