Alexey Astakhov
The 23rd Church Anniversary

Financial well-being and how to survive crisis (seminar)

The 1st day of the 23rd Anniversary of the “Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations”church continues. Now is the time for seminars. In three different halls, successful coaches share their knowledge and experience. Participants of the celebration have a choice from: Pastor Alexei Astakhov from Moscow with the theme: “Financial well-being. […]

Buddhist monk
Where will you spend eternity?

The Remarkable Testimony of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Burma) who came back to life a changed man!

The story that follows is simply a translation of a taped testimony from a man with a life-changing story.  It is not an interview or a biography, but simply the words from the man himself. Different people react in different ways when they hear this story. Some are inspired, some skeptical, a few will mock […]